Lady Gaga Marries The Night, Loses Her Head On ‘The X Factor’ UK

Two weeks after her very first live performance of Born This Way single “Marry The Night”, Lady Gaga has upped the ante with each subsequent appearance she’s made while singing the dramatic tune. Her latest gig was on last night’s results episode of The X Factor in the UK. Things started out typical enough, with Gaga incorporating religious imagery (she was placed inside a confessional) on the stage. But then out she popped, holding her own decapitated head. And here you thought Halloween was over! Watch the creepy performance below.

Do you think this performance is somehow supposed to symbolize Gaga’s split with longtime creative director Laurieann Gibson?

  • Truth teller

    Now if only it were her actual head… (wishful thinking) Maybe it’s insured for 99 cents too? She’s cheap remember?

  • Xadax



    You people are jealous, if you don’t like her, why bother clicking and commenting? Go back to Britney posts.

  • FactTeller

    l0l i know right

  • Nickie

    Marry the Night is about accepting your past and marrying your insecurities and being stronger due to it. She’s said the video is about her time in New York aka her transformation from “normal” to the person she is and chooses to be now so the imagery is perfect. Confessional being a religious form of letting your mistakes/sins go. And the losing your head thing being metaphorical for her losing herself in the club scenes and being addicted to drugs and her dark period she’s talked about being on the floor as a coke addict only making music. At the end she has her head back and dancing/celebrating herself

  • iche

    god, gaga fans. get laid.

  • carrie arano

    What’s with the confessional. Nickie you can try to make this as brilliante as you want, but whatever. I don’t get all of the religious symbols. It’s obvious that she is rejecting anything pertaining to God and Godliness, and she is marrying the night. Some of us are children of the light and see this for what it is. Darkness. Sad, because she is so influential. What if God tells her some day, “I really wanted to use you to reach these people for me, not satan.” Again, sad.

  • E

    Leave it up to the people who “know about God” like @carrie arano to judge others…how pretentious. Thats everything Christianity is NOT supposed to be about.

  • knox

    Carrie is not judging E but ‘knows God’ and what God would accept from a person He created, certainly not what gaga is doing! be happy with being associated with gaga, don’t be upset when others don’t accept you for that! very sad E.