Mariah Carey And John Legend Get Together “When Christmas Comes”

As anyone with ears has known since the 1994 release of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” it isn’t Christmas without Mariah Carey. And even though that holiday staple never, ever gets old (SuperFestive or otherwise), it’s always nice to get something new from the svelte Jenny spokeswoman, too. The mother of Dem Babies has joined forces with John Legend for the cozy tune “When Christmas Comes,” which was featured on her Merry Christmas II You album last holiday season, and now gets a revamped boost featuring John Legend (along with an upcoming video). Hear it below.

Mariah Carey & John Legend — “When Christmas Comes”

We have to say, Mariah and John sound just right together. We definitely plan to curl up next to a blazing fire with some hot cocoa to this one come December!