Marina And The Diamonds’ “I Am Not A Robot”: At Your Request

We’re cranking out another episode from the musical machine we call, At Your Request. Speaking of machines, today’s episode is an anti-android anthem if there ever was one. Below, we breakdown the “Radioactive” songbird Marina And The Diamonds.

A huge thanks to today’s requester @t_omo_96 for his request of the Welsh pop star’s “I Am Not A Robot”. While Marina is already knee-deep into her second studio album (Electra Heart), due out in 2012, this un-cyborg tune comes courtesy of the 26-year-old’s debut studio album The Family Jewels. Fans have speculated that the song is a response to the use of Auto Tune in today’s music landscape, and Katy Perry’s 2010 tourmate had this to say: “It’s a song particularly aimed at my generation because of the way that modern life dictates our lifestyle, because technology is present in everyday life. You can’t live without it and I do feel that’s bad for human interaction, and I do feel like it’s unhealthy.”

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We’ll be back tomorrow for another informational and musical interlude. And while perfect our poppin’ and lockin’ moves by doing the robot, drop us a line with your song requests on Twitter, Facebook or even with a comment below. Be sure to include the name of the artist, the track title and a little reason why it’s your current number one.