Beyonce And Mary J. Blige Teach You How To “Love A Woman”

Mary J. Blige has a few things to teach “Mr. Wrong”. The soul queen taps Beyonce for her new instructional slow jam, “Love A Woman”, from Blige’s My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act I), which drops November 21. “A woman needs you to make love to her, she needs more than sex,” advises Bey on the track, which was originally written for her album before it found its way to Mary. “A real woman needs a real man.” Jay-Z should be blushing right about now. Listen to the double divas’ full song below.

Mary J. Blige feat. Beyonce – “Love A Woman”

The sultry slice of R&B was written and produced by Sean Garett, who clearly knows how to love a woman right.

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  • I

    beyonce doesnt have a lick of soul in her voice she is overrated! mary feat lauryn hill was better and mary and faith back in the 90′s but this is garbage beyonces voice is common as hell mary can blow she got more soul.

  • wj

    Well Beyonce isn’t a soul singer, she doesn’t need to have soul in her voice. That doesn’t make her overrated. she’s very good at what she does. If Bey and Adele did a duet, you wouldn’t say “Adele can’t dance, she’s overrated”, because Adele isn’t a dancer.