Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name”: At Your Request

What better way to wrap up your work week than with a fresh installment of At Your Request? Today’s episode features an old (but timeless) ditty from the glamourous Alicia Keys. Watch below as we cook up a fact-filled episode so delicious, we makes Bobby Flay envious (we assume).

Alicia Keys’ 2003 hit “You Don’t Know My Name” is the order of the day and it comes courtesy of @AmandaHarlech. This track gave the “International Party” hostess her third #10 hit, and scored her a Grammy win for Best R&B song. The track was also included on the New York native’s first live album Alicia Keys Unplugged which was recorded for MTV Unplugged. The track was written by Alicia, Kanye West and Harold Lilly — who collaborated with Yeezy again on Brandy’s  “Talk About Our love”, which features the rapper.

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