Lady Gaga Stuffs “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” Full Of Wardrobe Changes

Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving special, based on the new ad from ABC, reminds us of our own family Turkey Day get-togethers: there are people running around in ridiculous attire, someone’s crying and the hostess is a (Mother) Monster of sorts. The new clip offers our first glimpse of a candelabra-filled room where Gaga where will be performing Born This Way hits and/or presiding over dinner, a shot of her with “The Lady Is A Tramp” duet partner Tony Bennett, and a snippet of a teary interview with Katie Couric. Watch below.

The 90-minute special, which airs this Thursday, is clearly packed like a Thanksgiving bird with elaborate performance numbers and costume changes. We’re only going to have one paw up while watching, of course — the other one will be holding a drumstick. Let us know if the preview has you salivating on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.