American Music Awards 2011: Watch The Performances

The 2011 American Awards got a kickstart this evening via a bootylicious performance from a robot-suited Nicki Minaj and French beat master David Guetta. Others to take center stage at the star-studded Los Angeles event include The Band Perry, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson and Enrique Iglesias. Head below to take in the spectacle — and don’t forget to read our recap of the musical mayhem and full list of AMA winners.

Of course, not all the big artists were on stage. Taking in the performances was an audience that included the ravishing Katy Perry and the sleek Selena Gomez. (What do you think her favorite performance was?)

David Guetta & Nicki Minaj — “Turn Me On” / “Super Bass”

Justin Bieber — “Mistletoe”

The Band Perry — “If I Die Young”

Chris Brown — “All Back” / “Say It With Me”

Kelly Clarkson — “Mr. Know It All”

Enrique Iglesias & Ludacris — “I Like How If Feels” / “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You”)

Jennifer Lopez — “Papi” / “On The Floor”

OneRepublic — “Good Life”

Pitbull & Marc Anthony — “Give Me Everything” / “Rain Over Me”

Katy Perry — “The One That Got Away”

Mary J. Blige — “Mr. Wrong”

Drake — “Headlines”

Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera — “Moves Like Jagger”

Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine — “Stereo Hearts” & Jennifer Lopez — “T.H.E.”

Daughtry — “Crawling Back To You”

LMFAO — “Party Rock Anthem” / “Sexy And I Know It”

Who stole the show? Let us know your favorite (or least favorite) performance on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

  • Shorty

    My favorite was Kelly Clarkson…I really LOVED the retro Jessica Rabbit big band change to her song…wow

  • Dulipthie

    Oh.My.God. The performences ROCKED!!! Loved it! The best Award Show I’ve watched so far!!! My favourite had to be Kelly’s and Jennifer’s. MANN!!!!

  • Karissa. Cucharale

    Justin Bieber rocked he is so hot

  • http://facebook Juulii

    Justin had to win, is much more than that Bruno Mars fans, I died when digieron Bruno Mars, though congratulations Bruno, though he belonged to Justin, for this you want to send greetings to Justin from Argentina on behalf of all fans, we love him with all my heart, not love them enough you have to say, we love him with all my heart, kisses
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • JAy


  • JAy

    MAroon 5 & LMFAO was the best performance.

  • Xadax


  • ksmith

    What are you guys talkin about?? Justin Bieber is pathetic. He has this big ass ego that needs to be brought down like a million notches. hes really NOT that great looking, and his songs SUCK!!!

  • phantom

    Lmfao rock the show!!!! the Hoff is awesome lmfao

  • michael

    lol theirs a lot of negative criticism. it sort of seemed as if it was centered around celebrities performing and smooching up to each other. not many awards…
    but lol i loved it anyway, really nice to watch it haha lmfao were great!

    jb is… well he is modest and all, his voice is okay, i guess he’s just a little… girls overreact wayyyy to much calm down and why is he at every frikkin show tho… mistletoe sorta sucked

  • http://ama laura kan

    justin bieber and drake sucked

  • mean what u say

    Without a doubt The Band Perry was the best! I am a hip hop lover and I thought they rocked. I loved the idea that Kelly Clarkston had I just thought maybe a different song would have tied it together better. Other than that everybody else was perdictable as always. No creativity same ole same ole. Chris brown was okay. I like how his back ground lit up that was pretty cool. Can somebody explain to me why Justin B. sang a x-mas song. I mean the song was cool and all but really dude. Another thing Nikki M. swettie I love your music but seriously it’s time for you to switch it up a tad bit. To me her performance was so so. With all that money she is making she could have came a lot harder than that and so could Drake for that matter. His performance was like something you would see on a late night talk show. Katy Perry was ok I kept waiting on her to move or somebody to move around her like act out the song or something. I get it if she was trying to show off her vocals or something but even that was not that impressive……This is just my opinion so don’t take it to heart ppl.

  • The Stevemeister

    What an awful show. With a few exceptions such as The Band Perry, Katy Perry and Justin Beiber it seemed most of the acts were pre-recorded and they were lip syncing. Probably all scared to expose their lack of talent.

  • DaveR

    Jennifer Rocks… and thanks for letting me see what I missed when I couldn’t catch it on TV

  • air

    Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer. absolutely flawless. Best of the night!
    and a close second definitely goes to the stripped down performance by Katy Perry. Loved it!

  • Karissa

    Kelly rocked mr know it all rocked love the danacing

  • Karissa

    Love her

  • http://google kristin

    you got that right hes super hot

  • Ethan

    Chris brown was the best hands down

  • momen

    those performances is awsome and so creative specially lopez bieber and pitball that blow my minds away .i wish icould attend that

  • VadhieM


    MAROON 5 feat XTINA .. Best !!

  • Thalia

    Chris Brown was the BEST.

  • Karissa

    Justin Bieber rocked.I go on YouTube all the time to see him. I dance to his music all the time and I sing his music to I’m his number one fan. He is so hot all my friends hate him I love him I want him to sing a song just for me!!!!!! I can merry him in a heartbeat.I wish that I can meat Justin so bad.I’m 7year’s old and I love him. For Christmas I want is him so bad. I wish that he can come to Utica ny I live in Utica. I was standing right where he was because I went to go see the big Christmas tree.

  • Karissa

    Some idiet said jb suked

  • Karissa

    I love jb

  • ashish

    ya i liked it too, it ws fab!!:)

  • Karissa Cucharale

    That ideit sucks too

  • Shawn Nguyen

    lol jennifer lopez give pittbull a boner