T.I. Reveals New Single “Pyro” From Upcoming Album ‘Trouble Man’

After being caught “Flexin'” in his hometown, T.I. has unleashed the sizzling “Pyro”, the third single from his eighth studio album, Trouble Man. “‘Pyro’ is a straight party record,” Tip told Billboard of his new single. “It’s nostalgic of those crazy nights, early mornings [but] just turned up.” Listen to the track, produced by Two Band Geeks, below.

T.I. – “Pyro”

“I’m on fire, and ice cold / a black Benz / A white Rolls,” raps T.I. on the “party record”. “Like loose women and tight clothes / Say I’m the bomb, I’m dynamite, pyro.”

Of Trouble Man, the newly freed rapper explained what makes this LP different from his previous ones: “This is the first project where I’m talking about things that I’ve experienced before that I’m not necessarily experiencing now ’cause I’m not doing a whole lot of partying. I do a little bit but not a lot… nothing like when I was in that life.”

Producers on the album include Pharrell (who worked on other single “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”) and none other than pop-meister Dr. Luke, who delivered a dance-pop track for the MC, which Billboard described as being reminiscent of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy”. Coincidentally, Tip will appear on an all-star remix to K-Dolla’s Cannibal track, alongside Andre 3000, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa.

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