Kid Cudi Unleashes WZRD Song “Brake”

Nov 22nd, 2011 // 7 Comments
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Ahead of the January 30 release of the debut album from WZRD (aka Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius), Cudder generously tweeted a free download link to the duo’s guitar-driven tune “Brake” last night. The onetime rapper, current rocker/actor amped up his Twitter followers with the following announcement last night: “Ok so Im gonna just release a WZRD jam tnite, I cant wait any longer for you guys to hear this shit. Fixing it, gettin it right, stay tuned.” Put on the “Brake” below!

Musically, the track kicks off with an ominous vibe. It’s almost what we imagine the Breeders would have sounded like if they were scoring some gory ’80s Italian horror flick. Then in come the drums (real, rockin’ ones!) and Cudi, singing about moving ahead blind with nothing to guide his way, but looking for his life’s path, regardless.

The creepy guitar breakdown that follows is again giving us that vintage horror movie feel. (Reaching for Lucio Fulci’s Zombie DVD as we type.)

“Tonight, you will all witness the new chapter, the new journey. Music will never be the same,” Cudi tweeted last night.

Are you feeling “Brake”? Let us know your thoughts on the initial song from Cudder and Dot Da Genius’ project below!


  1. Kid Cudi did an incredible job. different, but in the best possible way. amazing vocals. the lyrics are amazing and incredibly touching like always. even if he is saying the same thing over and over again. good track length. certainly has his own style and incorporates his individuality. he demonstrates expertise. and progression. definitely has changed music for me and the thousands of people who appreciate what his music does to you. another phenomenal track.

  2. alec

    i want the old cudder back.. really miss him i have every old album/mixtapes and there isnt a song that i dont like. miss the rapping and the trippy beats, i dont enjoy the whole lil wayne rock thing your going for here come back thats all i ask

  3. rword

    honestly, this isn’t good. if the song did not have the Kid Cudi name on it, then if anybody listened to it then everyone would just agree that it’s crap. but of course, it’s coming from someone that already has a reputation and followers, but there come’s a point where even Kid Cudi’s fans realize that what he is doing is just a bad idea. bring back your hip-hop cudi, this rock crap is pretty dumb.

  4. jjj

    Kid Cudi’s new music is some ill trash, Lil Wayne tried rock and failed, and this is way worse than Waynes’ attempt at rock.

  5. Merce Maddux

    A little different from old Cudi. I think its cool, but not great. I need to hear more songs before I make a decision of getting his next album. Still interested in anyone who tries to step out the box.

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  6. I love cudi but this is not good either just heard “teleport me” too and that wasnt great either Roll on man on the moon III

  7. DoG Joseph

    Thanks Kid! This is more likly goin to help me..needa go bust ma hand open lmfao hahahaha

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