Lauren Alaina And Scotty McCreery Both Had Thanksgiving Day Fails

Nov 28th, 2011 // 9 Comments
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In case you were too busy sleeping off the effects of tryptophan this weekend — or were out having a life that didn’t involve the blogosphere — we must alert you to the important things you missed: namely, American Idol alumni Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina having a pretty difficult time getting through their respective Thanksgiving Day gigs. During his performance on a float, Scotty let his pre-recorded vocals for “The Trouble With Girls” begin up-lip-synced, while Lauren had one of the most embarrassing “oops” moments a singer can have — forgetting the words to the National Anthem.

Scotty was the first Idol to get attention that day for this lip-sync fail during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, putting his mic up to his lips after his single “The Trouble With Girls” already began to play:

Embarrassment Rating: 3/10. Typically, it’s extremely embarrassing to be caught lip-syncing (not to do it in the first place, mind you, but just to get caught), but it’s a known fact that every music act uses pre-recorded vocals for their performances during the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Scotty, however, was apparently the only one who didn’t know when to start on cue.

Later that day Lauren appeared at the Lion vs. Packers football game, having one serious brain freeze not that long after beginning the National Anthem. For those who suffered second hand embarrassment when Christina Aguilera jumbled the song’s lyrics at the Super Bowl, at least Xtina sang something instead of freezing up, resulting in dead silence.

Lauren received some warm feelings from another former Idol, Season 5 alum Kellie Pickler, who tweeted, “HEY DOLL! YOU HANDLED YOURSELF LIKE A PRO! SEND THE BULLIES MY WAY & I’LL TELL EM’ WHERE TO GO!”

“Thank you so much,” responded Lauren. “I’m not a robot. I have No excuses. I messed up. You know what can ya do. At Least didn’t fall down again.”

Embarrassment Rating: 9/10. Despite what overdramatic Internet commenters might say, flubbing the lyrics to the National Anthem isn’t unpatriotic and doesn’t make you a bad American — but it is absolutely humiliating. If Lauren did manage to fall down during this performance, we would have given her the full 10.


  1. Niki

    Scotty was not the only performer to flub the lip synching during the parade, Avril Lavigne didn’t get her microphone up in time also.

  2. Dee

    Can’t believe the pettiness, in including Scotty here, as if he made a major flub.( No doubt your trying to soften the blow to Lauren, for what was a major flub). Scotty’s error was minor, and he recovered so quickly, that I doubt anyone in the crowd noticed. What the crowd heard was what was important, and his song TTWG sounded awesome over the speakers.

  3. Jane cash

    there have been seasoned performers that have made bigger boo boos than these two did. Give them a break!! They are both so adorable and talented. Leave them alone and let them grow. They are a lot better than a lot of the seasoned performers. Let’s don’t let jealousy ruin things for them. Give them a fair chance.!! I love them both.

    Jane Cash
    Lawrenceville, Ga.

  4. Jane cash

    Also Scotty deserves having people take up for him. I think he was in awe of the people, the big balloons and so excited about being in the parade. I actually was so excited for Scotty and I had my eyes glued to him, I didn’t notice anything until all the hateful people started putting him down. Just leave him alone! He is such an amazing talent. There might be some jealousy there, just saying.

  5. Scotty rocks, i love Scotty Mccreery!!!!!! He is so cute and he can sing great too!!! number one fan Hayley!

  6. Hayley Fitzgerald

    Scotty Mccreery is awesome and he can sing great i love you scotty!!!! love your number one fan Hayley.

  7. lexi

    I feel bad for him

  8. lexi

    yea leave my husband a nd boyfriend alone

  9. tory

    really? can anyone get pettier than you right now? get over your crush on Scotty he will never know you exist, Lauren”s Flub was not any worse than Scotty’s and there is nothing wrong with messing up it makes us human, both kids messed up a little but so what?

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