Jason Derulo Is Soaking Through His “Fight For You” Video

Jason Derulo has found yet another “It Girl” in his new video or the Toto-sampling “Fight For You”, off his sophomore LP, Future History. In the video, the singer and his brunette lover go on a romantic day trip around Manhattan, at least when they’re not spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning themselves — apparently “the rain down in Africa” is akin to the water droplets that fall during a sexytime shower for two, as Jason and his sweetie are mostly seen wearing nothing but H2O. Cool down with Jason’s steamy new vid below.

Jason Derulo – “Fight For You”

  • MusicManDave

    This is one song and video I could not wait to be released. Jason Derulo’s songs are very passionate and his vocals prove the same. Fight For You is my favorite song off his album and sure to be a hit. I really enjoy the sample of “Toto’s” verse as it brings me back to my generation…

  • jamie mackay

    this song is so bad it makes bananarama look good

  • Callum Hayden

    Jason Derulo’s new song is LAME! …

    Sampling music is unoriginal and lazy

    Personally, he has ruined the song ‘Africa’ for my generation …

    I was singing the song ‘Africa’ this morning and the girl in the year below me says ” I didn’t know that you like Jason Derulo ” … I didn’t say anything … I was just mortified …


    • Patrick Chmmr Mac Manus

      Ruined it for me as well – 23 year old

  • Patrick Chmmr Mac Manus

    That and “The Reign” as well.