Beyonce Is Sexy (And Sleepy) In Her “Dance For You” Behind-The-Scenes

Beyonce was several months pregnant while shooting her sexy, noir video for 4 bonus track “Dance With You”, and the mama-to-be looks (understandably) exhausted on set of the vid’s shoot. As seen in the behind-the-scenes footage included on her Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 DVD, the singer is a total pro in front of the camera, but isn’t too proud to show just how difficult vide0-making can be when she’s out of frame. Watch below.

“First shot and I’m already tired,” says Beyonce to the camera, still managing to smile. We wish we looked that good when we desperately need a nap!

Beyonce – “Dance For You” (Behind-The-Scenes)

“‘Dance for You’ is about giving yourself fully to one person,” explains Bey. “It’s about being able to lose control with the person you’re meant for.”

“I wanted the video to have a classic feel,” she continues, “To be seductive, but still keep the sense of mystery.”