8 Grammy Nomination Snubs: From Britney & Beyonce To Taylor & Dr. Luke

Dec 1st, 2011 // 21 Comments

In 2010, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream — an unashamedly-bubblegum album executive-produced by pop maestros Dr. Luke and Max Martin — scored the California gurl an Album Of The Year Grammy nomination, not to mention nods for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (for the LP’s title song). And this year, pop veteran Britney Spears and her latest album Femme Fatale — another hit-laden bubblegum offering (though not nearly as hit-laden as Perry’s) helmed by Luke and Martin — got zero Grammy love when nominees were announced last night. But Brit was hardly the only one snubbed this year by the National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences!

A rundown of those overlooked for this year’s Grammy nominations:

* Britney Spears. She had a #1 album that yielded a trio of hits. So what gives? Well, for one, Britney isn’t exactly known for wading into that whole “singing live” pool. Katy Perry is hardly a legendary vocalist, but, despite the sometimes mixed results, she does actually perform live during her shows and appearances. That goes a long way toward establishing credibility. Likewise, Spears doesn’t really play the game much anymore, as far as giving interviews, doing the talk show rounds, etc. Just an observation.

* Kanye West. Okay, we’re not going to cry too much for Kanye. He did, after all, score the most nominations (seven). That said, it’s curious that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — an album that landed on dozens of Best Of The Year lists in December 2010 — was overlooked for Album Of The Year. And yet, somehow, Rihanna’s Loud gets a nod in that category? We’ll point out once again — RiRi plays the game (often in skimpy clothing). As for West? He occasionally plays it, but sometimes it’s with what’s perceived to be a bad attitude.

* Taylor Swift. No Album Of The Year kudos for best seller Speak Now, either. Hey, Kanye and Taylor — great opportunity to go have a drink together!

* Miguel. We’ll let his post-nominations tweet do the talking here: “I’m Fucking Pissed Yo. I don’t think I’m Gods gift to music but I know the Album or at LEAST Sure Thing should have been Nominated.” Oh, well — at least now the thrill of performing at our South By Southwest Pray For Pop Party earlier this year will remain the highlight of Miguel’s year.

* Beyonce. Bey’s already got 16 Grammys cluttering up her and Jay-Z’s mantle at home. And, yes, she does stand to add two more to the collection this year. Still, Best Long Form Video (for I Am… World Tour) and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (for “Party” with Andre 3000) are hardly the sexiest nominations to land, are they? Guess, to borrow from Beyonce’s past, the writing is on the wall: 4 really didn’t produce a single breakout hit.

* Dr. Luke & Max Martin. They shared the ASCAP Songwriter Of The Year award this year, and deservedly so — between the two of them, they wrote and/or produced undeniable hits like the following: Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me”, “Till The World Ends” and “I Wanna Go”, Jessie J’s “Price Tag”, Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” and “Blow” and Pink’s “F***in’ Perfect”. But no Producer Of The Year (Non Classical) nomination? Is pop still considered to be such a dirty word, NARAS?

* Christina Perri. We had this Pennsylvania singer-songwriter down for getting a few nominations (including Best New Artist) when we whipped up our predictions this week. But alas, she got nothing, despite “Jar Of Hearts” being inescapable this year. She can at least take consolation in the fact that, for someone who’s only just starting out, she’s off to a great start. We’ve got a feeling bigger things are still to come for Perri.

Who else were you surprised to see overlooked when it came to this year’s Grammy nominations? Let us know in the comments below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. RYK101

    Now let me break it down for you:

    1) No surprise! It’s no secret the world does not believe in britney as an artist anymore, she is not even trying! Femme Fatale was a good album, but it’s all! Teenage Dream had a spark, something living, Fatale does not, there are parts where Spears feels forced.

    2) Kinda right about Kanye, “Fantasy” was a great album although being honest it wasn’t THAT great, i prefer Graduation anyday! I kind of feel the reviews it got were overrated cause it wasn’t that awesome, Recovery was a better album (talking about 2010). BUT please STOP trying to shade Rihanna! LOUD definitely deserved the nomination (also Rihanna after she was snubbed with Rated R). LOUD is a perfect produced and solid album, each song sounds different (except Only Girl and S&M which are relatives) but really LOUD had so much to give after the CKB/Man Down fiasco they gave up, but every song Loud could have been release so yeah it DOES deserve a nomination and i’m betting it can win Pop Vocal Album

    3) Why should it be nominated? Really I respect Taylor but she is overrated, someone tell me the difference between this album and Fearless, being a Country artist does not mean you cannot innovate, so I’m glad she is not nominated

    4) Haven’t heard of him so I pass

    5) It’s time her fans understand 4 is a misstep in her career, they keep claiming it is a critically acclaimed album, well here you have it, it isn’t. It isn’t neither a commercial success, not for an artist of her level. It underperformed, easy as that, it’s time to move on cause single wise is dead, there’s nothing that can be done. Also, it is interesting as I’ve read in other blogs: now that Matthew Knowles is no longer her manager, the Grammys snub her! Now with that people will start to think, Matthew in fact bought her girl some grammys.

    6) E.T. and Last Friday Night are no Grammy material, nor is Price Tag. Britney, well we have talked. Kesha, amm NOT. F**kin Perfect, now you have Grammy material so I agree on that one. The duo chose wrong their muse this year, Spears is not a good choice to make her represent your productions.

    7) Same case as Miguel

    8)Where is it? I think you may rename the article to “7 Grammy Nomination Snubs”

    Love you Idolator, but sometimes you shade the wrong people and praise those who does not deserve it

  2. idolity

    cant believed Britney isnt nominated.. and i have to say it.. and born this way is it.. come on.. OMG

  3. RYK101

    ok i take back that forget my point number eight, and my point number 7 applies to both of them

  4. Brit-Brit has never faired well at the Grammy’s. She’s going to have to step it up if she’s holding out for one! Rihanna should have been snubbed for LOUD. I felt like Rated R was more creative than her most recent effort.

    I would normally be a little disgusted by a comment of not getting nominated, but I completely agree with Miguel. Excuse me, he is doing his thing and his album is unlike anything else I’ve heard this year. In a year where R&B has melted into Pop- Miguel is a breath of fresh air.

    Every Taylor Swift song sounds the same, bless her heart.

    Regardless of whether Beyonce’s “4″ had any major hits, she still deserves a few more nods. She’s got more talent in her left thumb than most other nominees.

  5. Dwaynefighter

    I love this blog, but the ass-kissing NEEDS to stop. Yes, you love Britney and show a liking towards Katy Perry and Beyonce, but the bias doesn’t need to come out in your writing. You start to lose credibility then.
    No, Loud may not be Album of the Year material for a lot of people, but I heard no complaints when Lady Gaga’s EP, Teenage Dream or even stinking Black Eyed Peas were nominated- STOP hating on Rihanna. She didn’t beg anyone to nominate her, and as far as I see it, it was compensation for not nominating Rated R the year before. Loud, as a pop album, might not be her best, but it is quite enjoyable and is her most diverse- there’s pop, a little dance, a little R&B, a little hip-hop, a little reggae… It’s an enjoyable album from start to finish AND gave her some of the biggest hits of her career. If the Academy wants to acknowledge that, then let them.

  6. Cody

    Britney isn’t going to get nominated at the Grammys until she’s in her 60′s or so. That’s when her true fans will be running the Grammys. I grew up with Britney, and I can say that she’s the most influential artist in my generation. For God’s sake, even People Magazine is doing a tribute to her just for turning 30! Kudos to Britney for not really caring about the show anyway. It’s starting to get really uninteresting and irrelevant. They seem to nominate albums now based on popularity and hits. Gavin DeGraw, one of the better artists of our generation, hasn’t gotten 1 nomination. Not surprise there. Well, I’m sure Britney will be more visible once her next album comes out.

  7. Xadax

    Beyonce was snubbed coz she cut ties with Matthew. Simple as that.

  8. guest

    Beyonce is a talented singer and on-stage performer. Her last CD was simply not awesome. Grammy is not supposed to be about handing out awards for greatest promotion of a CD. And I would argue that she did not deserve some of those 16 Grammys.

  9. Chad

    Britney was not nominated because she lacks vocal talent. dancing can’t be heard over the radio and sadly that’s all she ever has and ever will have going for her

  10. Manuel

    Of course Britney Spears isn’t nominated. The Grammys are a commercial mainstream award; but talent and quality are still determinant factors when choosing the nominees and winners. Britney doesn’t sing, she doesn’t write her own songs, or plays her own instruments, or produces her music. She doesn’t even dance anymore! WTF would she get a Grammy for? For standing on stage, looking semi-attractive, while her dancers (the true performers at her shows) use her as a living prop? She’s lucky she has one Grammy.

  11. Marc

    I can understand Rihanna’s album of the year, even it isn’t critically acclaimed, it somewhat “defined music” this year. As for Beyonce’s 4, I feel it is her best album yet and I am shocked she didn’t get a nod for album of the year or AT LEAST best contemporary R&B, which each of her last 3 albums won. Saying that the Grammy snub has anything to do with Matthew Knowles is a but ridiculous, she just didn’t produce enough hit-worthy singles, but I feel as an album as a whole, it was incredible. The vocals were raw and powerful and the music and production was unique. As for R&B, it’s one of the purest Rythm and Blues albums out aside from Jill Scott’s album. It has hints of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and a nostalgic feel. But you’ll notice, the more hits her album makes, the more grammys she gets: DIL had 4 hits, got 5 grammys. B’Day had only 1 or 2 hits, got 1 or 2 grammys. Sasha fierce had 5 hits, got 6 grammys. And on top of all that she’s the only artist currently worthy of the title “vocalist”. I think she desevred every one of her past 16 grammys, and I think Grammy voters may be overcompensating for her winning so many in such a short period of time, but I believe of any of her grammy-deserving albums, this is The One.

    • me

      so true… i just can’t rap my head around it really…i started listening to the $ again an i just cant believe her BEST album didn’t receive grammy recognition. it makes you wonder if its really the music the grammys are checking for.

  12. Yaya

    I don’t care how well people think or don’t think Kanye “plays the game” , he deserved the nomination. It’s this type of mess that makes him pissy. And honestly, it’s these type of snubbs that makes the award shows so boring now. When is last time there was actually a good award show. There have been some top performances ( Beyonce recenlty) but as for shows…I don’t get excited anymore. Jermaine Dupri tried to point out issues with voting, etc with the Grammys yearrrrrrrrs ago. No one listened. Unless Usher is doing something this Grammys, I may not even watch it.

  13. Emerence

    Of course Britney shouldn’t be nominated. Why would she be? I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry, but I least she can sing. Britney use to have the performance part to overshadowed her weak vocals, but now she doesn’t even have that.

  14. stfu

    femme fatale should of at least had a best pop album nod but brit needs to do more ballads….check out her unreleased “everyday” song from femme fatale era—vocals are rly good.

  15. toad

    For anyone to say Katy Perry “sings” better then Britney is ridiculous in the head. Give me a break. Katy Perry is really bad when she sings live, so she’s no better then Britney is. Britney had a hit album that has so far churned some good songs out. Katy has churned out some pretty darn good songs herself, which I love them all, but to say that Britney shouldn’t be nominated based on her singing skills is nonsense. This is how the nominations process is done: Record companies and individuals submit recordings to be nominated. Once the work is submitted, reviewing sessions are held by more the 150 experts in the music industry to determine whether the work is eligible and entered in the correct catagory. The resulted list is circulated amongst the NARAS (National Acadamy of Recording Arts and Sciences) members, each of whom may vote to nominate in the general field and in no more than nine out of the 30 other fields on their ballots. The five recordings that earn the most votes in each catagory become the nominees. There may be more than five nominees if there is a tie in the nomination process. After the nominees have been determined final voting ballots are sent to Recording Academy Members, who then may vote in the general fields and no more than 8 of the 30 fields. NARAS are encouraged but not required to vote on their area of expertise. Ballots are tabulated secretly. The votiing of the most votes win, there can also be a tie too. Those who win get a Grammy and those that didn’t win get a medal for being nominated. In the voting process the members are to vote on quality and not be influenced on sales, charts, personal friendships, regional preferences, or company loyalty. So is Katy Perry more quality then Britney? How about Taylor Swift? I don’t think she can sing worth crap. What Britney needs to start soing is churning out her own material to get her noticed, and that’s what Katy Perry does, she churns out her own chart toppers, but she isn’t by no means better then Britney when it comes to singing and such. In my opinion, there were better performers then the ones that were nominated.

  16. go gaga

    HAHAHAHAHA… it is funny when you said Britney wasnt nominated for any award.. Since when she was a grammy Favourite???

  17. Gotiee

    i can’t understand how people think that quality and commercial success are the same thing…4 is an amazing album…i enjoy her music…who care if she sells millions copies! This snub is unforgiven! the grammy sucks!

  18. DexterDaGent4G

    Loud DeservedIt’s Nomination. S&M (Regular) & Britney Duet Were Great And Both Stayed #1 For Weeks. That Song Alone Should Have Been Nominated. Rihanna And Britney Remix Deserved Nominations.

  19. Lily

    Lana Del Rey has one of the best selling album of the year, she’s creative, talented and yet no nomination.

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