Britney Spears Samples Madonna In Previously Unreleased “Love 2 Love U”

In honor of Britney Spears’ 30th birthday, fan site BreatheHeavy is giving the rest of us a gift — a new/old Britney song! It’s called “Love 2 Love U”, and it samples (and takes many of its lyrics from) Madonna’s 1987 single “La Isla Bonita”. We aren’t told what era this song was recorded, but going off our own ears, we’re taking a bet it was sometime around In The Zone. Head below to hear it!

From BreatheHeavy:

“This is a girl who stays strong through the toughest of times, yet continues to carry on with a positive attitude and inspires millions of people around the world. She is truly my favorite artist and gives me strength and passion for craft. Britney gave me this song ‘Love 2 Love U’ several years ago, and am very happy to be able to share it with fans today. Happy Birthday, Brit. We love ya.”

Britney Spears – “Love 2 Love U”

We’re surprised that this song never made it onto an album either as an official cut or a bonus track, since it’s pretty great. Plus, it’s pretty impressive Brit recorded it at all, since not many people get clearance to sample Madonna’s music (though that certainly doesn’t stop some from releasing songs that sound as though they have).

What do you think of Brit’s Island-infused tune?

  • MusicManDave

    This is not that impressive. I can understand why it wasn’t on any albums. It pretty much lacks Brits sex appeal she is well noted for.

  • zadoc

    I never thought this chick would live to see 30. I wonder if she’ll live to see her kids? lol

    POLL: Brittney Spears turns 30 – did you ever think she’d live this long?

    • Jermyth Carcamo

      Considering the fact that her kids live with her now, I would say yeah of course she will see them.

  • Drew Barker

    Are you effing serious??? Like really? Britney is the Sh!t! Maybe you shouldn’t living if you thought she wouldn’t. Haters gonna hate

  • Aaron

    Good on her for being honest with her Madonna roots. Yes, as you say, unlike others. Cough.

  • Tony

    Skip this garbage and listen to La Isla Bonita instead.

  • Gabriel

    Well the Melody is Definitely Identical and I think it’s sassy to say the least but not bad, still I whole-heartedly prefer Madonna’s La Isla Bonita, it’s soothing/touching/and classical/Work of a Professional <3

  • DiMarco

    its a great dance song.. it should of been of her album…its way better than most of her songs on her album now.. thats my opinion….PEACE>> everyone

  • kwma

    Growing in the 2000′s you couldn’t help but listening to her music & having a big crush on her.

  • kwma

    Growing up in the 2000′s you couldn’t help but listening to her music & having a big crush on her.