‘Glee’ Mashup “Survivor/I Will Survive”: Preview The Perfection

Glee‘s tribute to female musicians (the “I Kissed A Girl” episode) evidently wasn’t quite triumphant enough. Now the cast is back with yet more empowerment for the ladies: next week’s “Hold On To Sixteen” (note the John Cougar Mellencamp “Jack And Diane” reference) features a perfect mashup of Gloria Gaynor’s 70s classic “I Will Survive” and Destiny’s Child’s 2001 hit “Survivor”. Preview the Troubletones ladies’ Sectionals performance below, and marvel at Naya Rivera and Amber Riley’s flawless vocals.

The mix of the two classic survivor anthems seems like a no-brainer. How has it taken ten years for someone (the Glee kids, of all people!) to mash them up?

Love it or leave it? Tell us your thoughts on Glee‘s latest offering below.