Rihanna Dashes Through The Jingle Bell Ball In London

Pop lovers surely made their spirits bright last night as they dashed to the Jingle Bell Ball in London, which saw stars like Jessie J, Rihanna, and The Saturdays jingling all the way to the O2 Arena for the performance. There, the island girl sang her roster of hits from a number of albums, from Good Girl Gone Bad‘s “Umbrella” to singles from her Grammy-nominated Loud to her latest LP’s “We Found Love,” all while wearing the blonde bob wig that’ll find its way to her upcoming video for “You Da One.” What fun it is to ride and sing a Rihanna song tonight — check it out below.

Recent reports have informed us that Rihanna may be under 24-hour health watch due to fatigue. If that’s the case, we can certainly see evidence of it in these live performances, which feature some pretty flat vocals.

Is it just us, or does RiRi seem a little tired and worn out?

  • RYK101

    I’m a HUGE fan of rihanna but i agree with you, she looks TIRED cause well she IS, i thought Loud was rushed but i saw defjam wanted to bring the “happy” rihanna for more sales so it’s ok, since Loud is an awesome album, but i was against Talk That Talk cause now that was RUSHED! I mean why they think they need to release an album every year, sure i love it but i also care for her, she needs to rest!! S&M was horrible, almost painful to watch!

    Talk That Talk couldnt even been promoted since she was on tour of her last album! DefJam really needs to stop milking this girl! And Rihanna please drop defjam! Find a better label and come stronger (better vocals and actual dance) then I’ll be the proudest fan and you could actually be the next madonna