Eminem Plagued By Sound Problems In Sydney, Say Angry Fans

Australia has been known in recent years to have some pretty tough-to-please crowds. Concert-goers Down Under complained loudly a few years back over Britney Spears’ penchant for lip-syncing at her “live” gigs, while Whitney Houston got a thumbs-down by audiences after her “car-crash performance” in Brisbane in 2010. The latest American star to offend the ears of Aussies: Eminem.

The “Lighters” rapper staged two shows at the Sydney Football Stadium over the weekend, but not everyone who paid for a ticket was pleased with the sound — or lack thereof.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports the following:

“The official Facebook page for tour promoter Paul Dainty – who is responsible for bringing such large scale local tours as Britney Spears, George Michael and Bon Jovi to Oz – was inundated with disgruntled feedback, with some punters threatening to contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.”

Many wrote on Facebook that they couldn’t hear anything. One Eminem fan told the paper that people in the audience began to chant “turn it up”, but the message got lost in translation by the time it reached the Grammy-winning rapper.

“It got so loud Eminem even heard it, but he must have thought they were yelling ‘take it off’ because he started pulling his shirt up,” the source told the Telegraph. (What, seeing a bare-chested Em wasn’t enough to make up for the poor sound? Tough crowd!)

The latest Facebook update from the Dainty Group directs followers to a blog where photos from the gigs can be viewed. But attendee Marc Avery seemed to sum up some of the ticket-buying public’s frustration when he typed out the following comment: “anyone have a recording of the show, I was there and yet I still havn’t heard it. REFUND YO!”

Have you ever been to a show where you couldn’t hear the artist’s performance? Did you ask for your money back? Let us know below.

  • Daniel

    I was at the Sydney show
    Sitting in bay 61 and our bay was the one yelling out to turn it up.

    Tried contacting dainty group but they are just passing the buck saying
    “it was Eminems sound crew in charge of the speakers”

    We purchased 6 tickets and only ended up hearing 3 songs.
    Hilltop Hoods played as well and you couldn’t even make out what song they were singing. Then with Lil Wayne it was much the same.

  • Plixxx

    The 2nd Sydney show was amazing, I must admit there were a few sound issues, but mainly when Eminem was talking to the crowd, other than that, sound was fine, heard every word loud and clear through each song. Amazing that the negative always out shines the positive. Was a well run, tight, full show. Repect to the man who still has it. Welcome back Slim, never go away for that long again.

  • Robbo

    Yeah talk about the negatives out weighing the positives! i was in bay 33 and i couldnt have asked for anything more!! AWESOME sound and AWESOME performance!
    AND there is noway that marshal heard the chant “turn it up” i couldn’t even hear my friends right next 2 me! the crowd was SOOOO loud singing along to every song. Sure it is disspointing that fans up the back couldnt hear but the rest could hear just fine!!

  • Wayne

    Australians are turning into a bunch of whinging bloody Poms! No matter how good a concert is, we can always find something to bitch about. Its pathetic.

  • KB

    I was at the Sydney concert on Friday Dec 2nd in the Lose Yourself Zone (Mosh) and it was THE BEST concert I have EVER been to – one of the greatest nights of my life!
    As you would expect, sound at the front was perfect so I am extremely thankful that I was lucky enough to get the Lose Yourself Zone tickets. I have watched/listened to a few of the videos on youtube and it is like the people in the far stands were not even at the same concert, the level of sound back there was almost non-existent and it chokes me up to think that not all of Em’s fans got to enjoy the f&*king awesome experience my friends and I did, if I had been seated back there I would have been absolutely GUTTED!
    I hope this hasn’t ruined Em’s experience in Aus and that he comes back ASAP :)

  • John J

    How about a refund please?!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqyFKOcwWlA !!!

    this vid says it for me!



  • John J