Queen & Adam Lambert In Talks About More Live Performances

Last month Adam Lambert joined up with the remaining members of Queen at the MTV EMAs for a medley of the band’s hits. Now drummer Roger Taylor has told Billboard that there’s a further opportunity for their alliance with the Glam One: “He has grown into a really great performer with an astonishing voice with a range that’s great. We would like to work with him again. There’s nothing signed just yet but we’re talking about live dates. It could be very exciting.” Would you like Adam, whose new album Tresspassing is due out in the new year, and Queen to rock you live in 2012?

  • laurieb

    That would be so epic..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dharmi-Norton/100000975564037 Dharmi Norton

    The answer is YES AND YES,I want nothing more then Adam Lambert and Queen perform together and of course Adam’s new CD Trespassing.

  • LC

    Yes, I would love it! I would so be going to that concert. But I also want to see Adam tour solo. I think he should do both!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Melissa-Pauls/100000580557075 Melissa Pauls

    Dying for Adam’s own new music, but hellz yeah I’d love to hear him sing with Queen again! They were fricking amazing together at the EMAs.

  • pr63

    when do tickets go on sale? and will they be playing madison square garden where they belong!! what a phenomenal show it will be!!

  • Bjo

    YES YES YES!! Dying for this!! It would be really cool if they would also perform some of Adam’s own music, blend the legendary with the future

  • LHF1959

    Adam with anyone or Adam alone, whatever he feels is best. We will support and be thrilled.

  • D. Gray

    Great news – thanks, make it known when it happens!

  • Judy Szao

    I understand there is a Queen tribute band that will tour but Adam performing with the Queen Icon band would be phenomenal. Adam is perfect for Queen.
    He has the theatrics, command of the stage, style and immaculate out of this world vocals to sing with Queen. Again, there will never be another Freddie but Adam’s time has come. Freddie never stood in front of a mic and sang. He rocked the stage.
    After the EMA performance, we all know that Adam is capable of the same.

  • Hannah

    I’m sure they are all great, but it just wouldn’t be the same without Freddie Mercury :( I couldn’t bear to see them all moving on and touring without him

  • glamity58

    Please let it happen. It would make an old Queen and Freddie fan so happy. Lambert is the best vocalist, and the music world needs to see it. We can’t bring back Freddie, but Lambert is a great replacement. He doesn’t sing like Freddie, but had the powerful vocals and on-stage presence like Freddie. I don’t want a sound-a-like; Adam is different.

  • central

    Adam and Queen would be an epic concert. Count me in on that one…

  • Mim

    Absolutely can not wait for Adam’s new solo music… but ABSOLUTELY would love to see him do special occassion dates w/ Queen, it’s a very good fit. Adam can do it all, just as many artists do nowadays… and Adam is definitely no one-trick-pony, would love to see him show us everything he’s got!! (Okay, get your mind outta the gutter, I now it’s hard with Adam as he’s so damn sexy… btw, People’s Sexiest Man Alive editors – get Adam on your cover peeps, forward thinking please editors). Adam w/ Queen at Olympics, please let it happen.