Gene Simmons Says “Karaoke Singer” Madonna Inappropriate For Super Bowl

The legendary tongue of KISS rocker Gene Simmons just took on a more barbed tone, thanks to critical remarks he made about upcoming Super Bowl XLVI halftime performer Madonna, who is now officially set to entertain the football-loving crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana on February 5. “I don’t think it’s appropriate,” he told TMZ about the NFL’s choice of the Material Girl for the game. Read on!

TMZ grabbed the “Rock And Roll All Nite” bassist as he was leaving Hollywood establishment Boa and asked him to elaborate on Madge’s upcoming Super Bowl performance.

“I love all karaoke singers,” he said, with his lengthy tongue firmly planted in cheek. “I like all the girls who get up and sing with tapes.”

The site’s interviewer asked 62-year-old Simmons if he caught Scotty McCreery’s recent lip-synced flubbing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Gene said it was “a bad thing,” then brought things back around to Madonna again.

“You gotta have some integrity,” he said. “I don’t care what your music is. Have some integrity. Be real. Or, full disclosure before the fact: hold up a sign and say, ’70 percent of what you hear is fake. It’s a tape. I’m a karaoke singer’.”

Finally, at the tail end of the interview, Gene said, “By the way, Madonna’s terrific.” Surely that makes it all better, eh, Madge fans?

What do you think of Simmons’ blunt comments about Madonna? Does he deserve to hear “Papa Don’t Preach” piped into his eardrums at full volume, or was he right on the money about her? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook!

  • abeljose22

    Madonna is more of an Icon than he will ever be. Jealous much?

  • mikey

    Who is Gene Simmons? Love some Madonna, she has a great voice.

  • glamity58

    Madonna is iconic for her singing and performance. I agree with Gene (who by the way can’t really sing) that I hate karaoke and lip syncing. People should sing live well. I hate most pop singers….but love Adam Lambert. He can sing live. And Madonna does put on a good show. I think she’ll do fine, but please don’t lip sync Madonna.

  • Mel

    Gene is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about her….who wants to pay REAL money to hear FAKE singers…and especially her! I agree with him totally… She wouldn’t dare put a sign like that up either….much TOO REAL for her! Way to go Gene…this is why your fans LOVE you…because you have ALWAYS been Real! Thanks for saying so too.

  • lako

    Who is it? Madonna sings live. if he is jealous, let rest.

  • Howiet

    Madonna is a legend (whether you like her or not); isn’t the superbowl itself about 2 legendary teams? therefore whatever ‘legend’ performs is appropriate surely.

  • brian

    Gene Simmons hit the ball out of the park on this. The reason why the music industry has been in such bad shape in America is because we have allowed no-talent females to have success by lip-synching and using tapes. Sales are down because we have allowed these women to have success.

    As for Madonna, she’s always been a fake.

  • jody

    I love KISS, love them, and I love Madonna. Gene is absolutely right on this one. I hope Madonna gets up there and sings but I know that won’t happen. It will be a repeat of the Michael Jackson performance where he sang along to tapes. But people don’t seem to care about that at all. The Mili Vanilli syndrome is rampant. And to think they had to return their Grammy awards…

    Gene will be the first to say he is not much of a singer or songwriter however in their day KISS was THE bad azz band. Great performances full of theatrics and powerful bass, guitar and drum rhythms. But Madonna represents the new value of performers who have so many dancers and Cirque de Soleil distractions that it’s hard to pay attention to the actual assisted vocals.

    Love, love Madonna but at least Gene and whomever he has assembled as KISS this time around actually sing into an open microphone…. Glad he called her out on this one. And he should not just blame this on girl performers but Paula, Britney, Janet, Katy Perry, and many others do it all the time.

  • jody

    Sorry but Madonna is always assisted and auto tuned during concerts. It’s an open secret. But that’s okay. Believe whatever you find comfortable. It don’t cost you nothing but a slight bit of intelligence.

  • Kelsey

    They should have got a REAL legend with a REAL voice.. LADY GAGA.

    • phillipsfannyc

      re: Kelsey: And they should get her quick, because her “legend” which is about 3-plus years old is about to fade quickly into “Where Are They Now?”

  • sassafrass


  • Paul

    This coming from a guy who’s hanging on to fame by doing a reality show on a low rated cable channel. Famous people only do reality shows when their careers have hit rock bottom. So who is the one with no integrity?

  • Isaac Mitchell

    Madonna is a Legend and a Great Choice! Gene is just jealous he is a has been! So whats Kiss doing today!

  • kelly

    you must be a baby, Gene Simmons is right ahole

  • knutson75

    I disagree, look at that:
    Sincerely, Hattie

  • loverof talent

    I can see what Gene is saying, but it’s not just the girls that are auto tuned…Alot of the guys are too. Pretty much all the artists you hear on the radio is fake. For some reason the younger generation does not really care about things like that. Hopefully things will change and artists that are great live singers will start to get appreaciated more.

    I always liked Madonna, and did not know that she used auto tuning. That’s too bad, but I still think she will put on a great show and she really is iconic.

    My favourite artist right now, because of his voice and is underappreciated at the moment is AL.

  • phillipsfannyc

    These remarks came from a guy whose entire musical career was a novelty act: make-up, pyrotechnics, and year-round Halloween costumes with an audeince base of 12 to 14 year olds who now, at about age 50-something to 60 watch him in a reality show. Please explain where integrity fits into THAT, you freakin has-been geezer.

  • ca

    First she is not an icon,, she is only a biz woman with no talent!, lets be real folks,, second,, when she sings at the super bowl it will be PRE-RECORDED,, for her it has to be,, we all have read in the past her voice sucks live,, there is no way she can learn by Feb to sing a VERY difficult song and hit the high notes,if she had the chords yes,, but she doesnt and never did!, she just dosent have it,,, but dont fear there is technology that will save her somewhat..

  • modestas

    OLD IDIOT … Ald these old GrnPAS sudennly started attacking Madonna coz she still kicks the ass and the rest can barely walk pathetic……..