Nicole Scherzinger Catches Flack For Eliminating Rachel Crow From ‘X Factor’

It’s a rough life for those performing on singing competitions — and judging, too, as we learned from last night’s dramatic installment of The X Factor, which saw fan favorite Rachel Crow sent home thanks to a deadlock vote that left it up to the audience — with just about everyone in tears. The unpopular choice saw many X Factor fanatics take to Twitter to vehemently decry Nicole Scherzinger, who was the final judge to cast her vote. Though all judges had their say, it is the “Trust Me I Lie” singer who got booed by the audience and whom many fans are still outraged at. If you missed this heartbreaking X Factor, watch the clip below — your eyes just may get a little “Wet,” too.

While she may have the voice of a woman far beyond her thirteen years, Rachel Crow’s tearful reaction reminds us that she is an awfully young girl to take on the kinds of pressures associated with such a competition.

All things considered, though, Rachel Crow has handled the elimination with dignity, and has plenty of time to bounce back in her music career. She has even tweeted messages of love for the judge in order to douse the backlash: “@NicoleScherzy hi Nicole unfortunately there are haters in this world and I honk you are beautiful inside and out I love you! #blessed.”

Do you blame Nicole Scherzinger for the elimination, or do you think she’s just the scapegoat for a lot of fans’ anger at seeing their favorite voted off? Tell us below in the comments!