Nicole Scherzinger Catches Flack For Eliminating Rachel Crow From ‘X Factor’

It’s a rough life for those performing on singing competitions — and judging, too, as we learned from last night’s dramatic installment of The X Factor, which saw fan favorite Rachel Crow sent home thanks to a deadlock vote that left it up to the audience — with just about everyone in tears. The unpopular choice saw many X Factor fanatics take to Twitter to vehemently decry Nicole Scherzinger, who was the final judge to cast her vote. Though all judges had their say, it is the “Trust Me I Lie” singer who got booed by the audience and whom many fans are still outraged at. If you missed this heartbreaking X Factor, watch the clip below — your eyes just may get a little “Wet,” too.

While she may have the voice of a woman far beyond her thirteen years, Rachel Crow’s tearful reaction reminds us that she is an awfully young girl to take on the kinds of pressures associated with such a competition.

All things considered, though, Rachel Crow has handled the elimination with dignity, and has plenty of time to bounce back in her music career. She has even tweeted messages of love for the judge in order to douse the backlash: “@NicoleScherzy hi Nicole unfortunately there are haters in this world and I honk you are beautiful inside and out I love you! #blessed.”

Do you blame Nicole Scherzinger for the elimination, or do you think she’s just the scapegoat for a lot of fans’ anger at seeing their favorite voted off? Tell us below in the comments!

  • D

    Nicole is irritating. I would be very surprised if she makes it back next season. She always has to draw attention to herself. In this case, even if Rachel did have the lowest number of votes, the whole point of the judges being able to choose who leaves is to avoid situations like this where someone really good would otherwise get voted off too soon.

    This also doesn’t help Nicole’s solo career in North America given that most of the XFactor’s audience dislikes her.

    Cheryl Cole would have been infinitely better as a judge on the show and I’m willing to bet that the show would have had better ratings too had she been sitting on the panel all these weeks. Not a huge jump, but certainly a lot of people would have tuned in to see someone new and interesting. So far, it’s seemed like this first season of XFactor USA has been a complete mess up. Two of the most marketable and potentially successful recording artists are now gone off the show and Simon is probably wishing he wouldn’t have made the prize $5 million. Let’s just hope that Melanie wins to save the show from being a complete waste of time.

    If Melanie wins, Steve Jones becomes more interesting, Nicole is turfed, and LA Reid shuts up for once, then I think there could be potential for a second season. Otherwise, it’s looking rather grim, and Cowell may decide to hop back across the pond to rejoin XFactor USA.

  • D

    Oops, that should be rejoin “XFactor UK” in the last line, not USA.

  • Bentley2010

    I think Nicole didn’t have the courage to admit that Rachael performed better then Marcus, don’t get me wrong Marcus is okay but Rachael sure have what it takes for a 13 year old little girl. Personality plus and soul, I hope Simon will give her the chance to be a star.

  • Irishgal

    NO WAY! Are you kidding me?! rachel crow is not unique at all her voice is the same too othere, i aint saying she not good enough but i mean come on of course a attractive looking boy like marcus gets more votes than a cute lil kid, they shouldnt make the contest age soo low cuz i mean look at the scandal rachel caused when she was voted off? i mean seriously have some dignity! do we really have to see a little girl cause drama on live television on stage and cry so loud you cant hear the australian dude? like danm ugh im glad marcus got through, and rachel can join somethang else since shes young,. nough said.

  • J.

    do any of you idiots know how to spell?

  • Ughhhh

    Unreal. It’s a scam. There are more Rachel fans than Marcus Cantsing. Nicole is hot and sexy but wow what a reeeeeeetard in this matter.

  • curious

    Just curious – who is the Australian dude you’re talking about?? The host Steve Jones is Welsh, so it can’t be him you are referring to?

  • Eve

    People, STFU & Leave Nicole Sherzinger alone! I mean Seriously already! Nicole, Ignore All of the Haters. They Don’t Know You. They Don’t Know the Beautiful Woman that You Are. All the Haters Really Needto STFU already! I Met Nicole on Friday, Decembere 9th, 2011 at the Grove in L.A. when she Guest starred on “Extra.” When that T.V. crew & Her bodyguards were being So Mean & Nasty to me, for Utterly No Reason, She was the Only Person there that was Kind to me. So I Know How Beautiful that She is, Inside & Out. She’s one of the Rare Few in Hollywood that Isn’t Fake & Plastic & Stuck On Herself. If You All can’t Say Anything Nice to or about Nicole, then Don’t Say Anything At All!

  • MusicManDave

    Nicole was totally wrong and should of just sent Marcus home. He was in the bottom three times and should not have survived. Rachel should have had a 2nd chance to redeem herself. Sure she didnt have the best singing week but clearly she is better than Marcus.

  • debra

    Nicole should not be a judge if she does not have it in her to make a decision. Rachel sang her heart out, is clearly the superior singer and performer at age 13!— and the woman given the adult role here fell apart. That is the travesty…not the the 13 year old collapsing…but the adult judget who whined that she could not make a decision and collapsed and fell apart. Get a new job Nicole. You cannot do this one.


    Maybe Nicole shoud play on American Idol …. I thought this was supposed to be different than Idol …. people thought assumed that Rachel would have the most votes …….they assumed that she would win . The judges are supposed to stop the talent from going home …. Nicole failed the show …. Nicole is so in love with herself .
    Im sure she stands in the mirror , and asks . Mirror mirror on the wall ,who is the prettiest …… NOT you, you nasty malnurished untalented HAG……

  • James

    This is a much inferior show to American Idol. The stiff host. The overglorification of the judges. The overproduced acts. Geez, Simon Cowell flubbed this audition.

  • X Fan of X Factor

    What a waste of time and talent this show has turned out to be.

    Nicole must be trying for an Oscar, playing the part of the sensitive diva who just “can’t make a decision”. I notice she had no trouble making a decision to send home the very talented Drew. Look up insincere in the dictionary and you will see a picture of Nicole.

    After the show she stated that she loved Marcus and had his back. That much was obvious. If the better performance does not save the singer, then why have a “save me” song??????????
    If Nicole is just going to pick whoever she likes the most, why let her judge?

    If viewer votes were the only basis, Marcus would already be gone. If you are going to leave it up to the viewers votes on a PREVIOUS performance, then why ask a little girl to sing her heart out in a “save me” song?

    Every judge knew that Rachel gave the better performance. L.A. knew it, but voted for his “protege”. Nicole knew it, but wanted to advance Marcus regardless of who gave the better performance.
    Even with the crowd chanting and screaming for Rachel, Nicole voted against her.
    There is no judging on this show, just a lot of posturing and politics.
    If the results are going to be viewer votes, then make that the rule.
    If a last minute performance can save the contestant, then let that be the rule.

    Rachel is not even my favorite singer, but the indulgent antics of the judges were just ridiculous. With five million dollars at stake they should take things more seriously.

    The way it is currently set up, the judges are expected to lie about their true opinion, and push the agenda of their favorites and their proteges, no matter who was best.

    It is a conflict of interest for L.A. to admit Rachel was better if he personally benefits when Marcus wins. It pressures him to vote for Marcus, and the performance did not even matter. There is no honesty and no integrity. If they are going to be that crooked, they should at least do a better job of covering it up.

    Judging talent is subjective, and tricky enough with out the added politics and conflicts of interest built into the current platform of the X Factor.
    To me, it should be called the BullS*%! Factor.

  • Alan

    Nicole has no business being a judge. First she voted based on “girl power,” which, on the pure basis of discimination, she should have been fired for. Then she became so befuddled that, after Rachel Crowe (whom I hadn’t been the hugest fan of) sang about as well as is possible to sing, she became a coward and threw it into deadlock. So why is she a judge, if she doesn’t have the intellectual or emotional ability to make quick, rational, impartial decisions and understand the ramifications of what comes out of her mouth until after it’s too late? The hostility toward her is fully justified.

  • Alan

    And to Eve, no one cares if Nicole is a wonderful human being, she’s a moronic basket case of a judge.

  • Scott

    Nicole should have judged on the facts. Rachel was never a bottom two, and Marcus was a repeat offender. Rachel out sang Marcus by a comfortable margin. Nicole is too weak to evaluate what most to be considered as fair. This wasn’t the first time she did this you you know. She did the same to Drew.

  • Scott

    Nicole set herself up for this. It is all so obvious to most of us, who aren’t Pussy Cat fans

  • Marcia Baird

    You all have said it all. Nicole should not be a judge. I will never respect her again.
    Rachel gave the better performance.

  • Milagros

    Booo hooooooooooo Nicole was crying then immidiatly she tweeted how happy she was that Josh was one of the four to go threw the next round and then tweeted how she was happy marcus also made it HUM VERY SUSPICIOUS her crocodile tears did not fool me SIMON your show will suffer get rid of Nicole bring back racheal like you did with melony and also warn LA REID this is a voice competition not a bible class where you keep your singer BASED ON PRINCIPAL X FACTOR X FAN I HOPE WHEN THE SHOW STARTS NEXT WEEK NICOLE GETS BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD AGAIN

  • Milagros


  • Kerry

    Putting my raging rage for Nicole aside for a minute and talking about the show. It has a lot of problems. L.A. doesn’t make any sense to me when he judges sometimes, and he and Simon can hardly ever get along. Nicole has no idea what she is doing. I don’t think she can handle a show like this, well obviously she can’t considering she’s to afraid to cast her vote. They need to make a lot of changes to this show before I watch again. In other words, I’m done with it until they get rid of Nicole. The also need to get rid of the host. He’s awkward, not funny, and is not in tune with the show at all.

    Now talking about Rachel. I didn’t expect her to win just because of how young she is and considering she’s up against singers like Melanie as well. but I *definitely* didn’t want to see her lose to Marcus. I can’t stand to hear him talk, let alone sing. He’s to Kermit-y for me. In my opinion Rachel should have at least made it to the final 3. She deserved it.

    P.S. Someone else said something about how Nicole kept looking at L.A. and Paula when she was making her “decision”. I thought that was sketchy too. Just another reason them two need to go. Also did anyone else hear when the host (i don’t even know his name.. Steve?) said the judges were “impartial”? Impartial? really?!

  • Gevalher

    My brother and I couldn´t believe that the girl who sang the best that night was eliminated, just because Nicole and his lack of guts (and definitively her lack of musical ear), failed to do her job… Send Marcus to home… Nicole: It’s time that you left the show…

  • http://facebook Bertha Zamora

    Nicole elimino a Rachel por que sabe que es una AMENAZA para Josh y le quita el premio.

  • boo

    says who? You, a nobody? You’re an idiot. The mere fact America didn’t vote for her already proves that she doesn’t deserve to be on the show anymore. Cheryl Cole? You make predictions like you know better than the rest of us. The show wasn’t built to please you and you alone so don’t diss the show just because what you like isn’t what is in it. Stupid slut!