Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night”: Will Facebook Campaign Help It Chart Better?

Lady Gaga has said several times that “Marry The Night” is her favorite song off Born This Way — something evident by the fact that the single received an extremely personal 13-minute promotional video. Yet despite several high profile performances, Gaga’s jam just can’t seem to crack the upper reaches of the iTunes Top Songs chart. Enter fan site Gaga Daily‘s Facebook campaign to get little monsters the world over downloading the single on December 20.

“Let’s make ‘Marry The Night’ another smash hit for Gaga,” reads the Facebook account for 12†20 – Marry The Night Download Day. “On Tuesday, December 20th (4 p.m. local time) fans around the world will download the song on their country’s iTunes. If you already have a copy, you can gift another one to your friend.”

To date, Gaga’s previous string of 11 singles, from “Just Dance” to “You And I”, have been consecutive Top 10 hits on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. And last week “Marry The Night”, her 12th single, jumped into the Top 40 at #32 following the premiere of the music video. Still, the song has been sluggish on iTunes compared to her previous hits. Currently it’s sitting at #32 on the digital retailer’s Top Songs roundup.

One reason could be that this is the first time Lady Gaga has released five singles off one album, and, at this point, fans of the singer likely already own Born This Way as a whole. (Hence Gaga Daily hinting that monsters can buy the download for a friend if they already own the song themselves.)

This is how Lady Gaga’s first 11 singles charted on the Hot 100:

* “Just Dance” (#1)
* “Poker Face” (#1)
* “LoveGame” (#5)
* “Paparazzi” (#6)
* “Bad Romance” (#2)
* “Telephone” (#3)
* “Alejandro” (#5)
* “Born This Way” (#1)
* “Judas” (#10)
* “The Edge Of Glory” (#3)
* “You And I” (#6)

At this day in age, it’s pretty rare for an artist to land more than a handful of Top 10 hits off an album. That said, if you ask us, “Marry The Night” at least deserves to chart higher than “Judas”!

Do you plan on taking part in Marry The Night Download Day? And do you think the song still has a shot of making the Top 10? Let us know below!

  • Nano

    She´s trying to hard ….”marry the night” will not become a hit, she should take a break.

  • musicbug

    How sad is this? Why can’t they just let the music happen for itself? I love the song, but with such a boring and tv-unfriendly video we the fans shouldn’t expect more. It’s getting tiring to listen to her lifestory and her pain EVERYTIME!

  • Enzito

    She’s everywhere….she needs to take a break. i mean i’m one of her most devoted fans and i’m tired of watching her everywhere….US radio stations are not playing her songs like they used to!!

  • TallStack

    If she had released this as her first single off of Born This Way, as she had originally planned, it would have hit #1 without any trouble. But the airwaves are over-saturated with her songs, and as the fifth single in 10 months, it’s going to struggle. At one point she said she could release 9 singles from this album, so we’ll see how the rest survive. But this is probably her best song to-date, and it’s sad to see that poor planning is resulting in poor performance in the charts. And the 13 minute music video isn’t helping.

  • J.

    YAY. another gimmick.

  • nicholas wallen

    This is the original thread for it! i started all of this! Woot!

  • ZIvvy

    I think it should chart higher and high and I think this is the year where is all over just doing her thing without concern it’s like those fashion designers that need editing of their collection for perfection rather with her promotions and single spacing other than that great and also as she is working on touring I think this as her favourite song might be her last single for a while. I know she said she might release a video for government hooker but not ‘government hooker’ as like a single though

  • g9

    Hope it fails. Her monsters are nutso and have to organize these stupid “download days” in hopes for a smash. It’s ridiculous. It’s been pretty clear that this era hasn’t resonated with the commercial listeners as well as her Fame and Fame Monster songs did. This song isn’t anything special and it does not deserve to smash.

  • B?

    Yeah, because only “special” songs do well commercially. Where have you been the last decade or two?

  • Vladimir Movsesian

    Lady GaGa is too much everywhere. I do like “Marry the night” but time is up for BTW era. She needs break. And Rihanna too. They both want to do hard over their own strength. It doesn’t work and can harm their image.

  • Ryan

    I think the problem with this single is 1) MTN entered the iTunes 100 when the album came out so it has already been purchased before, 2) there needs to be a shortened more user friendly video that can be played in rotation in places and 3) the lack of actual singles being released hurts it. It would help if people would release singles like use to be done with an a-side and b-side. She has so many options for b-sides from releasing piano versions of the songs which everyone loves of her or one of her numerous unreleased songs. Downloading the song from the album is not how it should be done! I like the Tori Amos model of singles: release tons of unreleased material that didn’t make the album final cut. I also think she releases songs as singles because the fans want music videos for them. If that is the case, why not just do a music video for each song and release singles as you see fit. Just my two cents that obviously do not cout!

  • Saura

    The thing I like in a way is that unlike other artists, GaGa doesn’t even know about this. Meaning, she is not endorsing it or didn’t create this event, her fans did so by themselves because they know how important it is to her. Her fan base is extremely strong llike she just has to sit back and her fans do the marketing and promotion for her. That’s when you know you’ve won when your fans handle it all for you lol.

  • Saura

    Don’t say hope it fails. She did work hard and sitting and judging something you haven’t worked at it is just kinda bullying in a way. Like say you don’t prefer it, but never say Hope it Fails to anyone. Thank you

  • mac

    I love this song so much, and i really want it to at least go to the top 10. I think she should have waited until next year to release it though, and maybe the song wont get popular until next year. Just dance took several months to get to #1, so who knows, maybe this will be like that. Even if it never reaches the top ten, Little monsters will still love this song, and it will still be Gaga’s favorite. You cant change that.

  • mac

    yeah, i agree w/ TallStack. She should have releasd this earlier, maybe in place of judas. It would have done extremely well back in april, when only born this way was playing on the radio.

  • aseifu

    i dont understand “trying too hard”
    atleast shes not some lazy bimbo who makes money off her music while not working for it
    gaga is the hardest working pop artist today and its sad that this talented woman is being surpassed by the likes of katy perry, rihanna, and nicki minaj

    the problem with marry the night is that fact that it already reached the top ten in the ITUNES way back before she released it as a single
    its itunes sales blew up as the album came out and now the lack of itunes downloads is why its not charting any higher

    i agree though this song deserves to chart higher than judas and it would really be disappointing if this was her first song that didn’t crack the top ten

  • aseifu

    i agree she needs a break shes been performing and touring and creating music for the past three years non-stop
    but please DO NOT compare her to rihanna

  • aseifu

    you know someone has a devoted fan base when they take their time to organize something like this

  • Eleanor

    We, the Monsters, think she deserves it.

  • Kevin

    I think what she should do is release two more singles off BTW (Scheisse and Heavy Metal Lover.) Make short videos for them. Take a year off without doing anything and work hard on her next album. Release an EP Mid-Late 2013 and than do the Born This Way ball.

  • E

    Its a shame this isnt charting higher because this song truly represents the new sound she was going for, but like everyone else said Marry the Night was supposed to be the first single but she wanted the message of the title track to be heard first so this one kept getting pushed back. Judas isnt bad when listening to the album in its entirety but when placed side by side with songs like Heavy Metal Lover, Marry the Night. and Black Jesus/Amen Fashion it just doesnt compare. Those songs are easily single worthy. I also think its cause people already own it and she is one of the few artists where people bought her entire album. Rihanna and Katy Perry performed poorly on album sales because they are “singles” artists. People probably own most of Loud and Teenage Dream because they bought the singles and not the album, go figure. I think Heavy Metal Lover could still be released. The beat to that is insane. Alot of hardcore fans like Schiesse, however that track sounds dated too dated for me and Im a fan. Its too Crystal Waters where Heavy Metal Lover truly sounds like something fresh. Maybe if Im generous I ll buy Marry the Night again. We all know that Itunes drives radio play.

  • Alberto

    First of all, none of the fans below are professionals, neither have ever been artists managers nor anything related to that. So, that invalidates a bit of your opinion since, you have NO knowledge about that plane. Secondly, Born This Way is a piece of art, much more than anyone of you could understand. The singles don’t matter, THE ALBUM is the one that matter. When will you see music as a whole work of masterpiece rather than just a single?

    Why do you think Born This Way was the first single? and Judas the second? and TEOG the third, Yoü and I the 4th and Marry The Night the 5th? It’s not because she does it with the idea of landing 5 straight no. 1 singles, but rather with the concept of having a continuously work of art. It’s a work of art. And as art is rather a thing of high brow, you’ll never understand it; however Gaga wants to make art mainstream. She wants to push pop boundaries to a limit in where limit itself doesn’t exists. Where pop music can be as catchy as having a political message. Obviously, Born This Way is not about quantity or quality, since it has both. It is however about changing your mind. Born This Way is about change.

    Also, there’s no problem with Gaga choosing the singles, the problem is you having high, surrealistic expectations to the point of reaching delusional ratings. HOW in the world you expect Gaga to always be on top? to always be no. 1? Haven’t you learned that about Britney Spears, and all these faded popstars? This is the hunger Lady Gaga symbolizes in her first album The Fame and The Fame Monster: how people like you await the decay of a popstar. I love Gaga for what she is and what she does, not for her being always no. 1 and I’m sure she has more fans like me in the world. If I was Gaga and I would read those comments, knowing I made this album with such love, I would feel BETRAYED. And very depressed.

    Have a good day.

    • Vladimir Movsesian

      Remark about ‘faded artists’: professional artist has ups & DOWNS – they grow from downs – if not – you are not a professional.
      And if you think you describe your thoughts right – you must have noticed my remark.
      Have a nice day.

  • Alberto

    And I’m still here for 4 more singles. I’ll wait for Scheiße. Americano, Government Hooker and Hair. BE BRAVE GAGA, I LOVE YOU!

  • alfred

    The problem is that Lady Gaga`s BTW singles were released in the wrong order. To take BTW as th first single, was a quite good idea, the song wouldn´t have beehn such a success as second or third single. As second single, she should have chosen Marry the Night. It`s really the best song she ever made, and it would have become also a big hit. On this wave, also Judas and Yoü and I would succeed more than they actually did. Like this, it will never work, although Marry the Night got the best video and the most promotion of all of her singles!

  • Helpmothermonster

    We have a campaign too.

    www helpmothermonster dot blogspot dot com

  • sassafrass

    i love marry the night but that odd video and her ridiculously inflated ego has turn non monster fans way off

  • Edward

    I can’t believe that people are saying that she needs to “take a break” – she was practically on break for half of 2010. And I see nothing wrong with her fans buying the song en masse; at least Lady Gaga isn’t using cheap gimmicks like discounts and remixes to get the song into the top ten.

  • Elyk

    There is no doubt that this song is good like its parent album, but Lady GaGa’s marketing strategy is just so awful that she releases singles one after the other without even waiting for the proper moment. I think this one will flop. Which is sad since it’s an epic.

  • commanderofthedancefloor


    lady gaga’s third single from the fame is actually eh,eh (nothing else i can say). and it did not chart on billboard.

  • commanderofthedancefloor


    also paprazzi makes it the 5th single off of the fame too.

  • from u

    it was expected that mtn was not going to reach top 10, the song sucks and it is not radio friendly. She should have released Hair as her fifth single or even second. I don’t understand why she insisted on having this as the fifth single. I hope she releases Hair and goes top 5.

  • Joe Trimarchi

    Looking forward to Cher and Lady Gaga duet “The Greatest Thing”!!! Can’t wait until it come out!!! Any News on this yet?????