R. Kelly Heading Out To Sea Via His Love Letter Cruise

Prepare to bump N’ grind on the high seas, folks! Because R. Kelly may believe he can fly, but he can also apparently navigate the the ocean blue while crooning his hits. Yes, on October 1 next year, Concert Cruise ship Destiny leaves Florida for “a 5-day Romantic ‘Love Letter Cruise’, from Miami to Grand Turks.” The highlight of the trip is touted as this: “R. Kelly presents a fabulous performance, never seen before at SEA.” As we glanced over the activities lined up for Destiny’s sexy voyage, we saw Stepping Class and actually had to do a double-take, because, quite frankly, we thought it said Stripping Class. (Can you blame us?)

In addition to Soula Coaster scribe R. Kelly’s performance — where he will presumably mix his hits in with tracks from forthcoming album Black Panties — those who cough up cash for the cruise are also in for the “12 Play” Basketball Game, a massage, and “more than 20 various games and activities on board,” along with “special guest artists.”

Depending on how many of your friends you pile up in your room, prices for the trip range from $999 to $2,999 per person.

Bon voyage!