Adam Lambert Album ‘Trespassing’ Gets Release Date

Dec 15th, 2011 // 18 Comments

Ring the bells, Glam Nation — Adam Lambert’s second post-Idol album Trespassing now officially has a release date, and it’s March 20. As mentioned yesterday, the LP’s lead single “Better Than I Know Myself” will be an early holiday treat for fans of the vocal powerhouse, as it hits iTunes this coming Tuesday, December 20.

We already knew that Adam was once again working with his “For Your Entertainment” producer Dr. Luke and songwriter Claude Kelly on material for Trespassing, but the record also features such varied collaborators as Pharrell Williams, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rodgers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Nikka Costa and BC Jean.

We’re particularly curious to hear how the Nile Rodgers’ tune(s) sound, as the onetime Chic member is the legendary producer behind such classics as David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”, Duran Duran’s “Notorious” and The B-52′s “Roam”. (On a sad note, Rodgers announced earlier this year that he is battling cancer.)

Also, nice to see something worthy of recording developed out of Adam and Nikka Costa’s screaming match from this past spring.

Lambert notes the following in a press release for his album: “It’s been a transformative period and I really wanted to make music from what I’ve experienced. All these songs honestly explore the ups and downs of my reality.”

Alright, Adam fans — raise your hand if this is all music to your ears!

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  1. watnext

    I am beyond over-the-moon with excited for this album!

  2. Looking forward to hear his collab with Sam Sparro

  3. Cannot wait, so excited. No one has a voice like Adam in music today.

  4. Josey

    I am super excited right now. Single first…. My goodness, 2012 is gonna be an awesome year.

  5. musenstuff

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

  6. Dani

    So excited for ALL of it!! Most surprised at the Bruno collab just bcuz it never leaked that they were working together, but really ALL of the collanbs sound very intriguing. MARCH 20 2012 COME AT ME NOW BRO.

  7. Dani

    @Richard Craig Morales — Pity you. The effort that took :)

  8. Amanda

    We have to wait 3 more months?!?!? OK, I will be patient but only because I know it will be worth the wait. Love me some Adam!!

  9. pr63

    march 20th will be the most beautiful day of the year!!!!!!!!!

  10. MM

    you say “yawn”… yet you took the time to click on the site, probably read the article, AND ACTUALLY COMMENT

  11. Daisy

    20th December 2011 and 20th March 2012….Yay!!! :))

  12. Susan Clark

    I’m so excited that Adam is releasing his single next week. I heard a snippet of it and it really shows off his beautiful voice and his vocal range. I can’t wait to hear it on my local radio stations.

  13. This album finally gets a release date. I can now rest peacefully. Love the new song and know it will chart well. Adam shows off his diversity on this album and I am sure his comeback will not disappoint.

  14. Carolrr

    I am really excited to hear Adam’s collaboration with the one and only Benny Blanco. Benny is the hottest producer in Pop music today….he is a hitmaker! So happy to hear they have worked together on a song!

  15. Angel

    I’m so over the moon with this! Surprised and happy over the collaboration with Bruno Mars which never leaked and whose music I like for being simply melodic yet so catchy.
    Praying for ADAM’s success with this sophomore album which he so deserves.

  16. I’m beyond excited about this new album by Adam Lambert. The first single BTIKM sounds amazing and just may set a new trend in music. I am most excited to hear the song Adam, Sam Sparro and Nile Rodgers did together. I have always had great respect for Nile and love his funk sound. I grew up listening to music from Motown, disco and now the new current music style of Adam Lambert.

  17. i luv adam lambert soo there 4 i cant wait 4 his new cd 2 come out

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