Check Out Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Set List

Never one to leave things to the last minute, Madonna has begun to rehearse her highly anticipated Super Bowl XLVI halftime show this week. And according to fan site Madonnarama, the pop star’s 15-minute set list will include her new single “Give Me All Your Love” (which, by the way, is now titled “Gimme All Your Luvin’”)  as well as four of her previous songs, all from different albums. Can you predict which ones? Take your best guess, then head below to see what the Interscope artist will (allegedly) perform during halftime.As confirmed by Madonnarama, the singer (and Golden Globe nominee) will perform the following numbers:

“Gimme All Your Luvin’”
“Ray Of Light”

That pretty much spans her whole career right there! “Gimme All Your Luvin’” is said to include “special guests”, which we all know to be Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., as they’re both featured on the song. And according to a press release, the lead single will drop in late January, and Madonna’s new album will drop late March.)

Back to the set list — the good news about the crop of tunes is that nothing from Hard Candy or American Life appears. The bad news is that nothing from Confessions On A Dancefloor made the cut. (We would have squeezed “Hung Up” somewhere in there.)

What do you think of this set list? Did Madonna totally drop the ball on including one of her best singles, or are these five songs simply perfect? Sound off below! And Gene Simmons, don’t bother commenting, as we already know what you think.

  • Matt

    Didn’t she win the Golden Globe?

  • Matt

    AHH – yes, but for Evita….nevermind

  • Richard Craig Morales

    This is the perfect set list for everyone to enjoy, even people that might not regularly gravitate toward her music love these songs. I hope the lead single hit’s hard! Gooooooo Madge!! Show all the 20, 30, and 40 somethings how it’s really done!!

  • Mike

    The same F-ing songs….. Boring!!!!!! I’m suprised she didn’t squeeze in La Isla Bonita too….

    I would like to see

    1. Give Me All Your Luvin
    2.Burning Up
    4.Into The Groove/Celebration
    5.Jump, Everybody, Fever, Causing A Commotion, 4 Minutes, and American Pie

    So sick of Hung up, La Isla Bonita, Ray of Light, Like A Prayer, Music, and HOLIDAY!

  • sassafrass

    please @mike – gambler!? lol shes obviously going to sing her biggest hits that non fans know

  • MusicManDave

    This is a nice set list. I wouldn’t change a thing. These songs span her whole career. Glad she put in “Holiday” cuz that is where it all started and it ends the set list perfectly.

  • Michael

    Simply brilliant and “on point” set list for the show – everyone knows these songs. They are total Madge Anthems! Get ready for a great show!

  • jmgonzales

    Very DISAPPOINTING!!! :(

    ‘Causing A Commotion’ would have been my number one choice.
    Her team could’ve done better …

    1. I hope she stops playing the guitar
    2. I hope she gives us new moves
    3. I hope she quits those oversexed moves – no longer fits her
    4. I hope she gets Gaga to sing her songs, and vice versa – but that’s just my fantasy bit — totally impossible!
    5. I hope she gets to prove without a single doubt that she’s totally rocking compared to the present crop!
    6. I hope she includes a song we automatically associate with her (e.g. ‘Causing a Commotion’) but doesn’t get that much airplay anymore.
    7. I hope it doesn’t turn into a Cher concert! :P
    8. I wish her ALL THE BEST, because YOU’RE THE BEST! :D

  • T-dog

    I was a fan when Madonna was the new kid on the block. The first album was the best! I wanna hear Burning Up” Everybody” and Music”.

  • Lola

    I LOVE IT! Can’t wait! Everyone knows these amazing songs and the set list is perfect!
    I love Madonna so much!

  • leo

    I Prefer my St List…

    “Gimme All Your Luvin’”
    “Ray Of Light”
    “Celebration (benny benassi remix edit)”
    “Hung Up”


    I would swap out Vogue and put in Express Yourself in its place, otherwise it’s great.

  • Dustin

    I think these choices are great! I do agree that she should have squeezed “Hung Up” in there. “Like a Prayer” would have been nice too!

  • jmgonzales

    a Commotion!!!

  • Klinkers

    Madonna should perform “Keep It Together”-OMG-her venture into political foray and blibber is so inspiring, with her brother being homeless for over a year, her other brother slighted by Madges p.r. team, writing a book on family affairs, millions of charity dollars lost in Malawi, with one in two Americans living in poverty. I say go Madonna. Pose honey. With a career based on others art/creativity and passion I would say she’s a poster child for Democrats and the American dream. Remakes and imitations are a preclude to cloning and Hitlers dream of an artificial world, Madonna has assisted bringing this to our society, inadvertly. I love it when people think she cares about them, her marketing technique proves effective.

  • James

    Madonna? I thought Gaga was doing this.

  • jmgonzales

    if Britney or Gaga can deliver a similar performance, then the halftime act won’t be worth watching …

    Madge you gotta BUMP IT UP, you’re the BEST among all …


    So they opted to have BUTANA oh, oops I mean Madonna perform at the Super Bowl rather than Van Halen? Who’s the genius who made this decision?! The Super Bowl is an American event and this has been with the fake English accent, who’s soooo proud to be an American was chosen over the Mighty Van Halen. One other thing. Lady Ga Ga is a hell of a lot better singer, and performer. She doesn’t have to be a controversial slut either.

  • anneus

    Madonna is as American as it gets. Oh, and as far as Lady Gaga being better – ask Lady Gaga if she thinks she’s better. There’s a reason she walks around worshipping Madonna. Choosing a Van Halen cover band (yeah, they’re not the same group from when they actually had hits) would isolate anybody born in the past 25 years. They were smart to choose someone who’s sold more records than any other female ever, the highest grossing non group concert performer ever, and still has songs that go to number one (her new song is going to number 1 – just fyi). It’s sexist, small minded and short sighted to thing that the Super Bowl should only have male groups perform. But if we did, I’d rather dig up ZZ Top before using Van Halen.

  • Deidra

    I love the setlist, I love “Music” and “Holiday”. Perfect for the Super Bowl!

  • Dj

    wow, did you not see the lady gaga & beyounce video together? Come on , you gotta realize at some point, all the copying? Lets all express our selves ? :)

  • M

    Nope… the only losers allowed at the game wil be the team that loses it.

  • Matt in NC

    Not too shabby, once again Madge proves that she her success is not by chance and that she has real class, true Madonna fans (like myself) will be disappointed that the set does not include her best dance hits, but these songs will get most of America and the World off their butts and dancing which is what she wants and what the Superbowl wants, it will be awesome!

  • Clint

    I am so glad she is going to be performing. I will be watching ever so intently. Love ya MADONNA.

  • Gryphyn

    I def. think her and her team could’ve chosen songs somewhat more appropriate for such a testosterone infested event like the Super Bowl….. I mean… 4 Minutes would’ve been a great song…. American Life…. Causing a Commotion…. Def not Vogue, even I think that’s too oxymoronic for the Super Bowl, but that’s just just me. Whatever she does though, I’m sure will be awesome bc at the end of the day, she’s one of the world’s greatest entertainers…. I look forward to seeing your performance Madge!! Good Luck babe!

  • James C. L’Angelle

    Thank you, ahead of time, Madonna.

  • disgruntled sports fan

    This halftime show just like the last however many is garbage. For real who decides who will take center stage? I’d honestly rather watch celebrity deathmatch or those puppies and that’s sad cause it’s garbage too. This SuperBowl is the most viewed program in television history and mostly by Americans. It’s pathetic that commercials will be 10x better. With that being said since this is an American sporting event, played by Americans, watched by Americans, why not let Americans atleast vote on it. What’s wrong with a stud filled lineup with one song apiece by Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, and maybe a Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert. Heck you even have the likes of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Zac Brown, Eric Church, Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock, Reba, Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, Rodney Atkins, Toby Kieth, Travis Tritt, etc; etc;. Must I go on? We need a change, it’s time for America to decide who America “wants” to see and hear on our halftime show.

  • disgruntled sports fan

    Blake Shelton, Jerrod Neimann….

  • Mike

    oh yes, a bunch of “know it alls” that aren’t in the music business themselves. Yep, you know exactly what everyone should do…because you yourself couldn’t cut it. Face it people, not many out there could be a pimple on madonna’s ass let alone tell her what song choices to make. Puh-leeeez!

    Grow up and get jobs rather than sit her and act like you would be perfect for anything other than entertaining yourself.

  • disgruntled sports fan

    I never claimed to know it all however I do know any one single person on that list woud be better than Madonna 10-1.

  • James

    Ummmm, Madonna, I think you left out one of your greatest songs ever. Ummm, I don’t know, maybe “Like A Virgin”!!! (Which BTW is my favorite of hers.) Poor choice to leave it out. :(