Hear Katy Perry And B.o.B’s “The One That Got Away” Remix

Dec 19th, 2011 // 23 Comments

Six number one singles or bust! “It’s crazy, ’cause nights like this would start out with a little private party / You sneak me in your Mom’s house,” begins the newly-added B.o.B rap that opens Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” remix. MTV’s Artist Of The Year is giving her latest single the “E.T.” and “Last Friday Night” treatment, adding a rapper to the beginning of the track as a warmup before the song begins, and now we have the revamped Teenage Dreams tune. Hear it below.

Katy Perry feat. B.o.B — ”The One That Got Away” Remix

So is this song #1 on the charts yet or what?


  1. Fail

    Who cares about Michael Jackson? Why is his record so sacred?

    Keep in mind that “Man in the Mirror” is one of the sappiest songs ever.

  2. Fail

    Not a joke at all. I like a lot of Michael Jackson songs, but I’ve always thought Man in the Mirror was stupid.

    I am a normal person. I don’t obsess over celebrities. I miss the old Idolator from years ago before the whole KATY PERRY WILL NEVER LIVE UP TO MICHAEL!!!!11!!1 LADY GAGA >> BRITNEY days. I come here for the occasional relevant song info and to laugh at the pathetic comments.

    Do you truly believe Michael set his records “himself”? Keep in mind he set that record in the 80s before the days of Soundscan, and record stores inaccurately reported what their top sellers were.

  3. rezza

    I think all of her singles are great, they deserve to get to #1 without being remixed. I think since Ms. Perry is still young, she doesn’t have to rush out like this. She still has much time to deliver more albums and try to break records next time.

  4. Ronnie

    While that may be true, MJ got all his number ones without the need of remixes. MJ didn’t need the help of other artists and remixed songs to get to the top. I don’t thinks its about obsession, its the principle of it. Katy makes great music but she doesn’t deserve the record until she can get the number one singles on her own.

  5. Josh

    and Rihanna might need that #1… i Just thinking she wants the attention, so instead of going on the the next song, she want to make the song annoying and make a horrible remix so that we just buy the actually song… This remix is just as horrible as the last one… I kinda like the E.T one!

  6. chris

    Sorry but discounting your singles and having remixes with rappers just for having no#1 singles is cheating and cheap at the same time! She won’t be remembered as much as Adele or Lady GaGa! album artists only have longetivity! And we all know that people don’t buy her albums so she will become disposable!

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