Nicki Minaj Shoots Down A “Stupid Hoe” With New ‘Roman Reloaded’ Track

Fashionable barbed-tongued Barbie Nicki Minaj is on the warpath again via her new dis track “Stupid Hoe”, from the upcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (arriving on February 14). Nicki will likely never come out and say who the hoe in question is (though we can probably guess), but here’s just sample of the lyrics: “Bitch talkin’ she the queen when she lookin’ like a lab rat / I’m Angelina, you Jennifer / c’mon, bitch, you see where Brad at.” Ah, just in time for the festive holiday season! Listen to Nicki’s alter ego Roman Zolanski go off below.

Is it okay to refer to a track called “Stupid Hoe” as “cute”? Whatever the case may be, Minaj’s rhyming acrobatics are interesting. As for the monotonous track itself — well, not so much.

  • @arrowmagnet

    Something tells me her new album is going to flunk like her grades in English.

  • Jed Camara Ocot

    I feel like most people got on board with Nicki after “Super Bass,” which I can understand because it was really catchy but I feel like it wasn’t quite representative of who she is. If you listened to her mixtapes and her guest verses prior to “Pink Friday,” this is more in line to who she is. It may alienate a lot of her ‘fans’ but those who truly have been listening to her wouldn’t be disappointed.

  • Dee

    This is by far the worse song I have ever heard in my lifetime. Nicki babez come better than that!! #stupidhoe!

  • Jesse Perez

    This song’s beat is good, but I don’t like the way she is rapping or singing because it just gets very annoying and it makes you want to just cover your ears.

  • danny

    True fans will love it BUT her fans she picked up from Super Bass are those little kid fans via Taylor and Selena. Imagine those girls from Ellen hearing this. How disappointing.

  • Tristan

    This is kind of the Nicki I fell in love with. Understandable that her “Super Bass” fans won’t appreciate it.

  • sbrom

    She can do better! I like the song she did with Willow Smith “Fireball”, it’s catchy and you can def break it down check it out

  • Joshua

    I think that this is the dumbest thing I heard from her. I like Nicki but this was just a flop…. this was nothing like her last single “Roman in Moscow” or her other songs like “Freestyle” or “Hood story” or even on Pink Friday she had “Roman’s Revenge” and “Moment 4 Life” like where are those songs ??? I really think that she need to step up her game, especially if this is a album single !!

  • Joshua Smith

    THIS SONG IS ITTY BITTY PIGGY!!! it even has the same ending wtf, this IS mixtape nicki back in her entirety, yet evolved :3 or reloaded. nicki wont make the same song twice but this defiently takes her style back

  • EmoRedEvilRose216

    Nicki Minaj Will Never Be the Fu*king Queen of Female Rappers!!!! Ho* Please With One Album Now Don’t You Sound Like A Stupid Ho*!!!! You Made The Perfect Song Just For You!!!!! Lil Kim Will Always Be the Realist Bit*h!!! Nicki Minaj Will Never Be the Best Especially If She Up against Her Self!!! Who’s Nicki Minaj Competition!!! Herself!!!! That Don’t Make You The Best!!!! Nicki Minaj Is a fu*king lesbian who hides behind SB!!! She’s using him as a cover up!! That Ni*ga Look Gay himself!!!! Soft batch as* Ni*ga!!! Lmaooooooooo

    Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj Back With Her Stupid Ho*!!!!
    Check it out!!!

  • Roman

    Stupid Hoe and Roman In Moscow are not singles from the album, they are teasers…the first single from PF: ROMAN RELOADED is going to be called Va Va Voom.

  • John Doe

    Everyone saying “fans” after Superbass won’t like this sounds dumb!! How is this the original Nicki?! If you were true fans you would have seen Nicki on those fire steps in New York really spitting…She became popular from Itty Bitty Piggy, but that wasn’t her original flow…Listen to her Warning remix, or Dead Wrong….Yall sound so dumb. And stop making excuses for the girl…teasers or not, SHE PUT THE MUSIC OUT as a representation for her album…its weak, give credit where its due, which none is due here, and get off her dick and be real smh..

  • http://matildak alej

    i love nicki minaj