Your Favorite Christmas Song Of 2011 Is…

After a record-breaking amount of votes — you guys really take your holiday music seriously! — the results are in. Your favorite Christmas Song of 2011 is Jackie Evancho’s “Believe”! The 11-year-old chanteuse won by a landslide with 84% in our annual poll — that’s 283,439 votes cast for this tiny songstress! Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters pushed her holiday song “White Christmas” to the #2 spot with 14% (45,702 votes), and The Killers’ knee-slappin’ “The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball” came in third with 2% (6,069 votes). Looks like there aren’t as many Beliebers out there as one might imagine, as Justin Bieber’s Christmas song “Mistletoe” came in dead last with only 213 votes. (Maybe we should have put up “Drummer Boy” for contention instead?)

Jackie Evancho’s “Believe” is a cover of the Josh Groban single that originally appeared on the soundtrack to The Polar Express. Watch the video for Jackie’s winning Christmas song below, and make sure to pick up her holiday album Heavenly Christmas. And, lest we forget to mention elsewhere, happy holidays to all of our readers!

Jackie Evancho – “Believe”