Listen To Taylor Swift’s ‘The Hunger Games’ Song “Safe And Sound”

Taylor Swift may have been snubbed in the Grammy nominations, but she’s still spreading a little holiday cheer. The Speak Now songstress tweeted in the wee hours this morning that she contributed the new song “Safe And Sound” to soundtrack of the feverishly anticipated The Hunger Games film. With a breathiness that sounds more eerie than sweet, Swift sings alongside folky duo The Civil Wars in a tune that sets the tone for the desolate, post-apocalyptic drama. Listen below.

“Just close your eyes / The sun is going down / You’ll be alright / No one can hurt you now,” the chorus goes. In both lyrics and tone, its a fascinating departure for Swift, who’s spent the better part of this year earning attention for covering other people’s songs while touring behind her chart-topping album. The fragility of Swift’s voice works to her advantage here, adding tenderness to the harmonies of The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams and John Paul White.

We have to wonder whether the somber tone here offers any hint of the vibe of Taylor’s as-yet-unnamed 2012 album, which is full of songs that she’s described as “sad, if Im being honest”. How does “Safe & Sound” stack up? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.