Lady Gaga’s Rejected ‘The Fame’ Track “Take You Out” Touches Down

Lady Gaga has promised us a previously unreleased track as a Christmas gift for her little monsters, and according to the Mother herself, this isn’t it. But we’re curious to hear any new music from this Tokyo visitor — especially when it’s about football, of all things. That’s right — this poppy confection, produced by Martin Kierszenbaum (AKA Cherry Cherry Boom Boom) way back in The Fame days, is your standard love jam until Gaga busts out with: “Shoot it, run it, what’s it called? Everybody loves it: football!” Was this a Super Bowl anthem hopeful? Have a listen below.

Lady Gaga — “Take You Out”

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Lady Gaga – Take You Out” dl=”0″] We can see why this cut didn’t make The Fame, since thematically, the random football shout-out doesn’t really gel with that album’s celebration of partying, money, and boys. Though the production does remind us of much simpler, pre-Born This Way days before Gaga was so ambitious in her sound. And we can’t deny that it has its catchy charms, even if ultimately it comes across as a little cheesy.

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