Drake Has A Tattoo Of Aaliyah’s Face

Drake and “tattoos” are making headlines once again — only this time it has nothing to do with a crazed Drizzy fan. The “Motto” rapper was snapped on the tennis courts (perhaps brushing up his backhand so he can play a little one-on-one with his rumored love, Serena Williams), and when the sharp dresser took off his shirt he revealed a giant tat of Aaliyah on his back. Below, get a look at the care Drake took to show his devotion to the late R&B star.

You may recall, back in 2010 Drizzy wrote an open letter to Aaliyah, expressing his admiration on the ninth anniversary of her death, and sampled her song “At Your Best” on Thank Me Later. Clearly, the Canadian rapper felt the need to go one step further. We wonder if the late R&B songbird would also describe Drake’s tattoo as “surreal”.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Philip-Scott-Collection/191451610883400?sk=wall&filter=12 feile1234

    Well Drake I can’t disagree with you. I love me some Aaliyah also, don’t know if I could do the tat thing because I never knew her personally……..

  • Secret Name

    The only celebs I would EVER tattoo on myself, if I were ever to tattoo anyone on myself, would be Aaliyah, Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes, Marilyn Monroe, and maybe Ciara, Missy Elliott, or Christina Aguilera, but more likely one of the first three.

  • http://TMZ shaddi shampain

    i would only tattoe 2 pac cuz he got the biggest impact on my rap life
    drake my dawg doe

  • CrazyButTrue

    i think its acceptable she was a great singer and he should be able to do whatever he wants to do with his body i mean yea its of aaliyah but i mean she was known and thats not bad she DESERVES it… im an Aaliyah fan myself and i cried like a lil baby when she died…

  • Ayanna ‘Anna Akua

    Personally I Believe If You Dont Know A Person Personally You Dont Need To Get Their Face or Name Tattooed On You Body That Weird. You can be a big fan, admirer, whatever. Personally I love Aaliyah she is the main reason I love music so much today but id never get her tattooed on me…thats weird as hell

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