Jennifer Hudson Duets With Herself In Weight Watchers Commercial

Now that she’s been Weight Watchers’ inspiring spokeswoman for more than a year, it’s hard to remember what Jennifer Hudson looked like some 80-plus pounds ago. But in the brand’s latest commercial, the I Remember Me singer looks back at her former self — literally. With a little editing magic, modern-day JHud joins the JHud of yesteryear on the American Idol Season 3 stage to perform a virtual duet of “I Believe in You and Me”. While the side-by-side comparison is a bit shocking, the sound of two Jennifers serenading us is sweet music to our ears. Watch the video below.

We must admit, we’re a teensy bit freaked out by the ghosts of Jennifer past and present. Does the Back To The Future-esque visual trickery leave you motivated or unnerved? Tell us in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Becky Bain

    I honestly think she looks super cute as the “before” Jennifer. I see nothing wrong with either of these J-Huds!

  • Joshua Smith

    wow she looks so much better! i think its disgusting that society is starting to discourage women from loosing weight, its a big issue and with all these people complaining about accepting yourself that is lost. its not okay to be fat, but society has become to sensitive for anyone to say that.

  • Mark

    I have to hear this god damn howling idiot every other commercial break. Could they have found anybody who maybe was a little less loud and greasy?

  • Nande

    Can she tone it down or can you get someone else. Commercial is getting on my nerves. I usually turn the channel for a couple minutes so not to hear her. The commercial is getting old.