David Archuleta Asks Us To “Wait” In His New Video

When David Archuleta announced that he was putting his music career on hold to embark on a two-year mission with his church, we thought that was the last we’d see of our little Archie for awhile. Thankfully, we get a send-off in the form of a new video for the song “Wait”, previously unheard here in the States. Hop below to watch a solemn David in his Hong Kong-set clip.

The song “Wait” comes from David’s The Other Side Of Down Asian Tour Edition, and is a slow, synth-aided, Sting-esque tune in which the singer pleads with the object of his affection, “Wait, wait, wait, don’t go!” We can’t help but feel the same sentiment for David before he begins his mission.

David Archuleta – “Wait”

David Archuleta’s The Other Side Of Down is out now on Jive. Purchase it on eMusic.

  • Candace

    A bit ashamed to say this but I am really liking this new David Archuleta. Sexy. Yummy. He’s legal right?

    • Becky Bain

      He’s 21! Go get ‘em!

  • rose

    I’m singing the song to David: Wait, Wait, Wait, Don’t Go!!!!! This will be the longest two years of my life.

  • Candace

    Thanks. He may be my next Zac Efron. I guess I like them young :)

  • Miss Vicki

    I will WAIT for him FOREVER…………..Miss Vicki

  • Trish

    A lovely video.

  • Heidijoy

    Me too!

  • Mikayla

    I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and am PROUD to have an example like david in my church for the public. I think it’s awesome that he made the decision to go and I promise, 2 years feels like nothing. (:

  • Candace

    HD version of Wait video. So clear. Better to admire Archie ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY5P2aa7QP0