Drake’s Limited Edition Jacket Can Be Yours…For $5,000

Apparently, joining Drake’s October’s Very Own crew comes with a $5,000 admission fee — in Canadian dollars, at least. (Silly us, we thought it required a forehead tattoo.) Yep, that’s the list price to own the rapper’s limited edition leather bomber jacket, but color us not too surprised that that’s what it costs to dress like one of music’s sharpest men. Check out the coat’s luxurious details (fox fur and 24 karat gold-plated hardware!) and decide if Drake’s duds are worth your dough after the jump.


At $4,884 US dollars, be sure you take care (get it?) to read the cleaning instructions before chucking this bad boy in the wash. We wish hadn’t spend all of our holiday cash on those $95 shoe cookies from Gaga’s Workshop! We know Drizzy’s got the money, but are you going to shell out five Canadian G’s for a piece of his swag? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter and Facebook.

[Nepenthes New York]