Christina Aguilera (Supposedly) Announces New Single Title

Rejoice, Xtina fans! We’re one step closer to a new album from Christina Aguilera now that the diva has announced the title of the lead singer from her forthcoming LP. Or has she? Rumors have been flying that the new single will be called “F*ck Your Body.” (“Heartfelt,” you say, Miss Aguilera?) Whether or not that’s true, only time can tell. A brief snippet (minus vocals) has also been floated around, which is either the intro to “F*ck Your Body” (AKA the more radio-friendly “Love Your Body”) or someone’s clever way of getting a lot of people to listen to the beat they just created on GarageBand. Get your big grain of salt ready and listen below.

Obviously that’s not enough to make any judgments about whether or not it’s any good, let alone if it’s valid. It sounds like it could be good, at the very least.

Do you believe the rumor?