Katy Perry Asked Russell Brand To File For Divorce

Ah, another teenage dream ends. Yesterday we got the sad news that odd (but very cute) couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand were about to become the ones who got away from each other. And while it was the funnyman who officially filed for divorce, today we learn that the decision was mutual — and Katy asked her soon-to-be-ex-husband to do the filing so as not to upset her evangelical Christian parents. This information comes from a source “close to the couple” who says that the couple has been on the rocks for the past few months but were seeing if they could work things out.

This explains why Katy Perry spent Christmas in Hawaii sans hubby, of course. But if divorce is so upsetting to her religious parents, you have to wonder what they thought of her marrying the foul-mouthed notorious bad boy in the first place!

Any chance this will get “The One That Got Away” to #1 on the charts?

Read more at TMZ.

  • sassafrass

    america’s worst singer divorcing britain’s worst comic

  • Diana Martinez

    I’m not surprised at all. Celebrity marriages are not meant to last. Although some, especially the older generations, treasure their marriage but the new generation of celebrities are usually acting on impulse and make rush decisions only to find out that they aren’t meant for each other.