Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith Debut New Song “Happy New Year”

Jan 1st, 2012 // 7 Comments

Good news, everyone — “The Mayans were lying, nobody’s dying,” Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith tell us on the “New Year’s Song” they unveiled on Twitter last night. And if they say so, who are we to argue? As it turns out, the Biebs’ performance with Carlos Santana in Times Square last night wasn’t the only New Year’s-related duet we had to look forward to. The teen superstar also tweeted a new R&B slow-jam collaboration with his “Never Say Never” mate Jaden Smith — soon to replace “Auld Lang Syne” as the go-to tune to play at midnight? Hear it below.

“Five, four, three, two, one… kiss me,” the charitable crooner sings on the new track.

Any volunteers?


  1. I Love This New Song , Music Life Would not Be The Same Without These Two Artists. Both Of You Two Really Inspire Me !

  2. justin beiber is way more tolerable now that his voice is deeper

  3. I’m feelin this

  4. vaneusa

    eu so uma menina muito fanatica pelo justin drew bieber por isso e q eu pesso sempre a deus q ajuda o meu rei tambem pesso q ele esteja bem meu princinpio es meu tudo meu sweethaert meu lary meu sortudo meu bby es meu carinho es o meu amado carinho so voce es o meu nenem beijo amor eu so a tua fan.

  5. vaneusa

    i love this song i love or your song my bby

  6. Unique

    omg Jaden so good
    i MF love Jaden

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