Leona Lewis’ New Song “Love Birds” Flies Online

Poor Leona Lewis didn’t exactly have a stellar 2011. Her Avicii-sampling “Collide” failed to reach “Bleeding Love”-like heights, third album Glassheart got pushed back to this March and, perhaps worst of all, she landed on our 10 Worst Album Covers Of The Year roundup — despite the LP not even being released yet! But perhaps the British singer’s new tune “Love Birds” will help her take flight in 2012? Listen below. Leona appears to be back in safe ballad territory with “Love Birds”. (Or perhaps it’s “LoveBirds”? The song has yet to be officially released — as evidenced by the shoddy quality of the clip below — so the styling of the title is anyone’s guess at this point.)

“I can’t believe that I would ever want to be set free, but I just can’t stay, so your lovebird’s running away,” Lewis sings on the track, which doesn’t stray too far from the “Better In Time” and “Bleeding Love” formula.

It’s a shame the music-buying public didn’t really love bird Leona, uh, expand her wings with the dancey “Collide”. Sure, she’s got a great set of pipes, but it’s hard to deny the been-there-done-that feel of this latest tune.

Do you think “Love Birds” would make a good choice for a single off Leona’s upcoming album? Let us know below!