Cassie Crowns “King Of Hearts” On New Single

Jan 3rd, 2012 // 2 Comments

It’s been well over five years since Cassie graced the airwaves with her lone hit “Me & U”. And in that time, she’s seen a bucketful of songs leak online, partaken in various photo shoots and made non-singing cameos in other artists’ videos. But the undaunted songbird/Diddy protege is still at it, trilling away on “King Of Hearts”, which is said to be her lead single off her way-delayed sophomore LP. Give both a clip of the demo and a preview of the music video a spin below, and decide if Cassie has what it takes to stage a comeback in 2012.

Cassie — ”King Of Hearts (Demo)”

Cassie — “King Of Hearts (Video Trailer)”


  1. The album that was leaked in 2010 should have been released.

  2. sandon

    What is Cassie doing trying to be like Nadia Ali? ..Cuz this is totally a Nadia Ali hit.

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