Will.i.am Brings His iPad Onto ‘The Tonight Show’

Will.i.am’s “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” continues to hammer its way into existence with a late-night performance of the track on The Tonight Show. Instead of Jennifer Lopez or Mick Jagger, though, viewers got an eyeful of a dozen iPads strapped to the heads of will and his backup dancers. (Due to his on-screen visage lip-synching to pre-recorded vocals, will avoided another on-air lyrical fail.) Someone’s either getting a nice big check from Apple, or will.i.am is a generous soul when it comes to product placement. Watch will.i.am’s two-minute iPad commercial below.

During his sit-down interview, will.i.am, dressed like a futuristic racecar driver, said he was planning on creating his own car called “i.am.auto”. The goal in manufacturing the car was in order to help people from his neighborhood gain jobs, which is certainly admirable, and the only good excuse we can think of to build a car named “i.am.auto.”

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