Lady Gaga Says New Album Out This Year: Watch

Undaunted by the fact that, so far, “Marry The Night” is her first single to miss the Top 10 (or perhaps because of it), Lady Gaga is already talking about her follow-up LP to Born This Way. Mother Monster made a couple references to her next album during a sitdown with The Insider. “I wake up in the morning with tears in my eyes and I write new songs,” she said. “I think about the future and the next record and how I can make the stage more beautiful.” But it seems like the future, with regards to her third album, isn’t too far off.

When asked what goals Gaga has for 2012, the Grammy nominee stated the following: “I just want to keep going. I’m not as goal-obsessed as I am process-obsessed. I just want to keep writing music. I’m looking forward to putting out another album and going on tour.”

Gaga’s current LP Born This Way wound up being the third best-seller of 2011, while the title track was #10 on the best-selling singles roundup for the year.

What do you think, Monsters — should she take a break and allow some time between releases? Or are you already chomping at the  bit for Gaga’s next album? Let us know below!

Born This Way is out now on Streamline/Kon Live/Interscope. Purchase it at eMusic.

  • Juvi

    SO for Everbody, if she wants to releas a new album, GAGA LET ME HEAR your knew stuff, cause she IS a much better than Katy, Rihanna, and and and…
    …and i’m very excited to hear the song about Princess Diana, and I hope, that gaga used the intro/outro and the Claping of BAD ROMANCE, the piano playing of MARRY THE NIGHT VIDEO and the piano playing of PAPARAZZI VMA’S 2009 on the song, would be PERFECT

  • chris


  • Clayton Paul Roden

    i wont lady gaga to get a new third album out :)

    • Lady Loves-a-Lot

      You mean her fourth album, after ‘The Fame’, ‘The Fame Monster’, and ‘Born This Way’

      • 6Jinx

        Technically, The Fame Monster was only an EP, so it’s not really an album. It only had 8 tracks. This would be her 3rd full length album.

  • Clayton Paul Roden

    yess i wont lady gaga to get a new third album out :)

  • francisco

    Omg .. I NEED HER TO MAKE A 3RD ALBUM!!! I LOVE HER MUSIC! !! But if she needs to take her time so be it .. but God dang I’m her little monster and she needs to feed me with MUSIC >:D

  • James

    I want to hear and buy her new album!!! I can’t wait, no I do not think she should wait. Why wait? She loves making music, so let her at it! I love her music.

  • Cordereous Johnson AKA Rock C

    gaga can second time around be on your new album all your little monsters are in love with that song so can you give us what we want please we love you and can you make it a single to , can it be your first single I bet it will dominate the charts

  • Cordereous Johnson AKA Rock C

    lady gaga if i become a popstar or any celebrity you will the first person I callaborate with