Lana Del Rey Tracks “National Anthem” & “This Is What Makes Us Girls” Surface

Relax, those of you who were freaked out by the video for “Off To The Races” and felt “Video Games” and “Born To Die” were a bit too dirge-like — turns out Q cover girl Lana Del Rey has a few downright poppy tracks lying in wait on her much-anticipated debut LP Born To Die (out January 31). Well, okay — they’re as bright and sunny as Lana Del Rey tunes can be. Head below to give “National Anthem” and “This Is What Makes Us Girls” a spin.

For “National Anthem”, Del Rey employs a slightly-”Empire State Of Mind”-esque beat while sing-rapping about the wind in her hair, the hand of her cash-loaded paramour on the back of her neck, the summer in the air and the heaven in her man’s eyes.

Lana Del Rey — “National Anthem”

Gears switch for the teenage-dreamy “This Is What Makes Us Girls”, a track that finds our heroine skipping school, running from the cops and drinking Cherry Schnapps.

Lana Del Rey — “This Is What Makes Us Girls”

Given that this diva-in-the-making has yet to release a clunker, can you just go ahead and up the level of anticipation for Born To Die to Foaming At The Mouth For It, please?

[Source: Oh My Rock via Stereogum]

  • John

    Both of these songs are very old. Recorded way before Born To Die & Video Games.

  • John

    That’s why the songs are so poppy and upbeat. They’re both old.

  • Col

    Both ofthem will be on the album. They both are on the official tracklist

  • Ty Richey

    Must be nice having Daddy pay for everything…

    • Lee Lithophilous

      your mad?

  • MusicLvr

    TIWMUG is amazing, my new favorite from her!

  • g9

    Go Lana! Can’t wait to see her on SNL on the fourteenth.

  • GFX

    If you think those are good, you should listen to Mermaid Motel.

  • cat stripe

    National Anthem is a rip of Nirvana In Bloom

  • Terry in Victoria

    You said— “National Anthem is a rip of Nirvana In Bloom” —–
    I am not sure –but the “Automatic Audio Content Recognition Software Recognition” systems would have picked it up before it was produced. Virtually all songs are run through a Content recognition system before being released. To protect both the artist and the Corporation backing the artist. Not to mention the Automatic Content Recognition Systems that troll the internet to find a match or basically a Copyright infringement– online, on the Air (radio) on TV etc etc.

    I have listened to both songs you have commented on and am pretty sure that the Recording Corporations would have caught it if it existed–story over.

    I bought the album last week to ascertain just how much talent of Lana Del Rey comes thru the album in both lyrics and musically (notes) and at least 3/4 of ther albums songs are good. She is young to the music business and needs a little smoothing at the edges but that will happen over time.

    I suggest anyone that thinks all artists sound like a great album to go to London Live and listen to Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry. All these artists voices come out live compared to their studio works and I do not mean they sound better than their studio recordings. Don’t get me wrong–they sound good but London Live brings them out in a totally different light as has Lana’s vocal performances. Not to mantion the nervousness that comes through in some individuals performances. We have to remember that a stage presence does not come naturally to everyone. Lana’s will come with time I am sure.

    So I think Lana will do well in the future no matter what people think.

    The majority of doubters I think have not gone out and actually -bought the album, hauled out the lyrics book and sat back and neutrally listened to the lyrics, the licks and the music (notes) as put together on each song.
    Just a few good songs on the album are–
    a) Blue Jeans
    b) Natural Anthem
    c) Video Games
    d) This is what makes us girls

    And more songs are well done on this album.
    I like —
    a) Rock
    b) Pop
    c) Some forms of country
    d) some artists in Rap
    e) Classical — as background music
    f) Not to mention alternative musical compositions.
    Terry in Victoria