The ‘iCarly’ Cast Covers Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home”: Idolator Premiere

Get ready to dance crazy! On January 24, Nickelodeon’s iCarly cast will drop iSoundtrack II, which features songs performed by the show’s star Miranda Cosgrove, as well as Taio Cruz, Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Also included on the collection of tunes heard and inspired by the show is a cover of the Diddy-Dirty Money / Skylar Grey song “Coming Home”, which marks the first time that the entire iCarly cast recorded a song together in the studio. Check out the exclusive first listen below!

[wpaudio url="" text="iCarly - Coming Home" dl="0"]

On this Saturday’s episode, titled “iBalls”, the hit Nickelodeon show will tackle the world of 3-D when Freddie (Nathan Kress) develops new technology that lets viewers watch 3-D webcasts without those pesky glasses. The catch? The technology (temporarily!) messes with viewers’ vision. Wuh-oh!

Check out a preview of “iBalls” over at Celebuzz, and pre-order the soundtrack here.

  • Felipe


  • Fan4me

    oh wow I knew Miranda would be on it, but Ke$ha and Katy Perry too? amazing!!

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  • Erika

    They did a really good job. Miranda sounded great. I just wish we could’ve heard more of Jennette.

  • Jj

    LOVES IT!!!

  • victoria justice is awesome

    to tell u the truth, i thought it was pretty hilarious and completely autotuned :P

  • Emma

    AHHH!!! <3 I love iCarly and Miranda Cosgrove…. This is like on my top……..

  • becky

    Love the song, miranda sounds great and the rap is off the hook. Is that noah

  • Frank

    I am in love with this song!

  • Eldina Kadic

    Jennette’s voice is so cute & f**king good :) They are all amazing. ♥

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  • yiretth

    hi miranda how are you I’m biendo a ‘movie yours now a greeting and a kiss and I like icarly icarly cast greetings to those I love dearly and victoriuos

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    omg ahaha is that noah rapping?

  • http://icarly jecamacho

    First of all I wanna say icarly rocks love yah cccarly :)

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    i love you!! very very much

  • howard234

    for all the cast icarly i just wanna say i love you carly, sam,fredie,spencer

  • Jenny_Belieber17

    I´m not a fan. But this is a great song.<3

  • Kerry

    Where was Jennette? Miranda is good and all, but have you heard the pipes that Jennette has? I wish i could have heard more of her

  • luis lachira

    amo a icarly, es la mejor serie

  • Mr. Leggo

    Who rappin?

  • stephanie

    love this

  • http://google naresh

    she aint a good singer

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    LOVE noah’s rapping, he rlly gd

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    justin bieber :=

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    hello i am mari and i am geogian i very like and love this shoowww i lovee youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!