Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ Actually Fell In Sales After Ron Paul Endorsement

The sales impact of Kelly Clarkson’s controversial endorsement of Republican candidate Ron Paul has led to its own controversy. Although several sites (yep, including us) reported that Kelly’s digital sales saw a sales bump after she posted pro Paul sentiments on Twitter, Billboard claims that Kelly’s album Stronger actually declined in overall sales in the week following her comments.

According to Billboard, which gathered its information from Nielsen SoundScan data and “sources in the know at Clarkson’s label, RCA”:

Stronger sold 40% fewer copies than it did the previous week (25,000, as opposed to 41,000 in the week before Christmas). And while it moved from No. 39 to No. 17 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, its upward momentum this week was caused by it having a less-steep decline in sales as compared to the rest of the titles on the chart (the overall album market was down 49% in the week after Christmas). Its total sales stand at 451,000 after 10 weeks.”

As far as the increase of digital sales, Billboard believes that it was the promotion of Kelly’s LP on the front page of iTunes and the lowered $7.99 price on both Amazon and iTunes that caused her sales on those outlets to go up, not pop-music-loving Republicans’ support of her endorsement of Ron Paul.

The lesson from this story? There’s no point just yet for Beyonce to slap a Rick Santorum bumper sticker on her car to boost sales of 4.

  • Phil D

    Good. I’m all for celebrities expressing opinions but make them INFORMED ones unless you want backlash.

  • J

    Actually if you know sales which I do sales always drop after Christmas. January is the slowest selling month. Her sales went up over 800% after she endorsed Paul on . You media sound really ignorant if you can’t figure this out. All this anti \paul stuff is getting old.

  • J

    All sales drop in January.

  • Mike Gortney

    You lying sack of manure!! Everyone knows that Christmas is the make or break time of the year for sales. Everybody goes out and buys gifts BEFORE Christmas. This of course includes CDs. The FACT IS – everyone sold fewer CDs the week after Christmas than the week before. Kelly moved up from 39 to 17 and you claim that was because she sold LESS CDs?????

    Yeah! and trees are a major cause of forest fires!

    Just tired of BS!! And yes, I bought her CD only because I love Ron Paul!

  • Reg06

    To imply that Kelly’s sales dropped after she endorsed Paul is “spin” considering that Billboard states that the overall album market was down 49% in the week after Christmas. Author forgot to mention that “Mr know it all” had 123,000 downloads last week pushing sales to 1.04 million according to Neilsen Soundscan

  • Isaac Mitchell

    Whoever wrote this article is just plain STUPID, Kelly rose from 39-17, how is that a drop! “Mr. Know It All” is still Number one on the Adult Pop Chart also! Now we just gotta get “What Doesn’t Kill You” the respect it deserves!!! And after her appearance on SNL this weekend it should help “Stronger’s” sales too! Go Kelly, we got ur back!!!

  • Fail

    As usual, Ron Paul fans think anything negative about their candidate must be false.

    Stronger jumped positions — so Billboard obviously misunderstands their own charts. It can’t be possible that album could sell less and move up the chart!

    iTunes and Amazon discounting Kelly Clarkson’s album keeps it from dropping as much as the rest of the market? No, that can’t be the correlation — it must be because of her support for Ron Paul.

  • Brandon Hall
    • Robbie Daw


  • JohnMikal

    The data you cite is not accurate. Ron Paul supporters posted a recommendation to buy her album as a thank you in a post on on 12/31. The request included a link to Amazon where the album was at 41 and rose to #2 within 48 hours. The time period Billboard looked at ended on 1/1, before most of the bump took place. Shame on you!

  • g9

    Lol, I’m not for Ron Paul but surely you have to know that all sales were down that week (and are still down). This news might be “true” by definition but it is very clear that the Paul fanatics gave her sales a boost. Failed article.

  • sassafrass

    interesting and not surprising

  • Bill Board

    If all sales were down, and she moved relative to others from 40th to 17th, then it did give a bump, otherwise her sales would have continued the downward trend it had been on for several weeks. Billboard ownership – look it up.