Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s “Donda” Ad For Kanye West’s New Company

If you’re up on Kanye’s latest tweets (or Idolator’s inaugural Hype Index), you know that Yeezy World Peace is attempting to cook up some big (albeit nebulous) things in 2012. Among them: Donda, a design company that is recruiting “amazing powerful smart talented wealthy people,” and that is named in honor of his late mother. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel knows that even the greatest of companies need branding, so he gave the rapper his very own Donda commercial. And though the clip doesn’t include Kanye’s absurd Jetsons tour tweet, it’s still as confusing as ‘Ye’s company. Watch below.

How do you think the Donda ad compares to Jimmy’s previous ode to Yeezy’s Twitter feed? Were you inspired to send your CV to the producer or do you agree that ‘Ye is simply trying to start Entertainment 720 in real life? Sound off in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Ida Byrd-Hill

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