Madonna Will Talk About Lady Gaga In Her ABC News Interview

Madonna is back in major promotional mode, what with a new movie, a new album and a new fragrance on the way. The pop queen sat down with ABC News’ Cynthia McFadden for an exclusive interview, and if this preview tells us anything, it’s that McFadden is desperately trying to squeeze as much drama out of this sit-down as possible. But hey, we like drama! And we especially like it when Madonna is somehow involved. Watch the preview below.

ABC News sought out questions to ask the pop icon by asking fans to tweet their queries with the hashtag “#askmadonna”. “Out of all these, there’s one question that blew up the Internet,” says McFadden, drawing it out for tension. “They want to know… what you think… about Lady Gaga.”

The way that this particular footage is edited together, it appears that Madge sure doesn’t think much of Gaga, as she remains silent. But since we’re suspicious of some leading editing here, we’ll have to wait and see what the singer’s real reply is when the first segment of the interview airs on Thursday night.

  • Sean

    53? Damn Madonna is still smoking hot

  • Cheryl Helm

    Yes she looks smoking hot because of all the plastic surgery & botox injections she’s had done and, more importantly, she’s being filmed through the kinds of lighting and filters they used to use with aging Hollywood stars a few decades ago to smooth out the fine lines & wrinkles. She does still look good but 53 isn’t positively ancient either, except that she’ll be competing with all the twenty-somethings topping the charts these days and based on the leaked demos from her new album, she’s not charting any new territory, she’s just hopped on the contemporary bandwagon. For anyone else, that would be good enough but for the legendary Madonna, if she’s not breaking new ground and setting new trends, she’ll be lost in the shuffle after this next album and tour.

  • Xcaliver

    Madonna you’re not gods gift, grow up and act your age

  • pj

    LOL who cares you will get old, wrinkled and die too lmao

  • Maxine

    Give this women the credit she deserves, for anyone who’s been in the business for as long as she has she’s earn’t the right to be called the Queen of Pop and the respect that this title warrant’s. So many of today’s stars may be very good at what they do, but the big question remains, will they still be performing once they reach 53 ?

  • Diego Sioli

    OMG!! She’s doing exactly the same thing with the cup of tea that Lady GaGa done some years ago! Madonna loves GaGa and GaGa loves Madonna! And we love both…

  • Diego Sioli

    Credit to Madonna? She doesn’t need that… She’s the Queen!

  • JLM

    Madonna is the original and GaGa takes it even further. Room in the world for both!! I do think Gaga has to be careful not to do so much of what Madonna has already done, but a lot of her fans don’t really know she is reproducing Modonna, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Madonna looks gorgeous!!

  • CJ

    Madonna can’t sing. I never could stand her music. Retire already.

  • Me again Margret

    Gaga cant sing either — Lady Gaga sounds like $#!+ — she has a computer generated voice and is only popular because of her (and i give her credit for this) marketing skills.

  • .

    you obviously have never heard her sing live.