Madonna Is Aware That “Born This Way” Sounds Like “Express Yourself”

The very moment we began to listen to Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” for the first time, we couldn’t help but notice it sounded incredibly similar to Madonna‘s 1989 hit “Express Yourself”. As it turns out, Madonna noticed it, too. When reporter Jacob Bernstein asked the pop star about her thoughts on Gaga’s single for an upcoming Newsweek piece, she replied, “This is a wonderful way to redo my song ["Express Yourself"]. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting.” Madge, tell us how you really feel. (No, seriously, please do! Don’t censor yourself by just calling it “interesting”.) [Via @Newsweek]

  • RtA1913

    LMAO! Preach Madonna! It was about time someone shows GaGa her place, she is an overrated artist, like she writes, well so does half pop artists, she produces, again nothing unique, her singing and dancing skills are AVERAGE at best! like there many artists way better than her, let’s face it she is where she is now just because of her SHOCK value and gimmicks, not for her so called talent

    Now bring on the albums and singles and videos let’s see who wins this war but my bets are on Madonna :)

  • Willis

    There are many, many songs that have the exact same chord changes, and other than that i can’t hear any similarities between the two songs. It’s obvious Gaga is inspired by Madonna, but so is every other popstar from the last 20 years.

  • ei77

    GO TO H gaga .. i mean home ..
    madonna is the queen and xtina too

  • Stefan

    Sorry I am not fan of Madonna, but the songs are the same. Lady Gaga copy Madonna. It’s not an opinion.

  • Xcaliver

    Old hag, just retire. You’re not better than anyone you self righteous cow. That hydrangea video proved who Madonna really is. 

  • Mafalo

    @ Xcaliver
    Don’t be an idiot all your life.

  • tall_stack

    and Express Yourself was just a rip off of the Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself”. it’s pop music, ffs. everyone needs to calm down.

  • lylh26

    RtA1913 – do you realize all the negatives you said about GaGa is applied to Madonna? There is no huge difference. Aside from that madonna sounds like a garbage disposal. She’s gonna need autotune for the superbowl.

    I’m M’s new album will do well at first. But i have my doubts. She should just be a touring act. No more albums. Because they suck.

  • GagaBlogger
  • Sean

    Express Yourself shares a few similar lyrics with the Staples Singers song Respect Yourself while Born this Way and Express Yourself share similar chord progressions and melody! BTW is slightly speed up but it’s the same damn song and Madonna is 100% right. There are dozens of mash-ups that show how well they go together.

  • chris

    isnt this spam?

  • chris

    sean – i agree but i dont like either song IMHO, i just think it’s funny on many levels.

    I dont think it helps someone like GaGa at ALL, when she is filled with yes men. At the end of the day she IS an employee of Interscope and they could have stopped it to begin with. But they didn’t. But i guess that’s because labels only want the money.

  • Eric Javier Rivera-García

    I think you guys should just stop publishing “Madonna vs. Gaga” stories. Their half-brained “super fans” trolling the comments section always make me nauseous.

  • g9

    There really is no denying that “Born This Way” is “Express Yourself” slightly reworked. The single was definitely a bad start to a disappointing era that was supposed to showcase “the album of the decade”, according to Gaga herself. Madonna is asked about Gaga left and right, and the b!tch finally spoke the truth. “Born This Way” is unoriginal—deal with it, monsters.

  • Rian


  • Anonymus

    I cannot believe this. Why dont people just understand that there are those that just dont care if the song is similar or not. Born This Way IS the Express Yourself of MY generation. I have never heard of that song, and quite frankly, I dont care. I have Born This Way. Haters gonna hate! =D

    • Are You Stupid ?

      How sad to be into an unoriginal wannabe

  • Kelly

    Has anyone ever considered that Lady Gaga and Madonna sound similar because they work in the same genre of music? As a huge Little Monster AND lover of Madge, it’s easy to hear the differences in their songs. However, I could never tell the difference between, say, a Led Zepplin and Aerosmith song, because they use very similar techniques, styles, and instruments, and I don’t listen to their music very often. Pop music all sounds similar- If Gaga isn’t copying Madonna, then Ke$ha is copying Gaga, Katy Perry is copying Ke$ha, Rihanna is copying Katy Perry, blah blah blah. Can’t we just enjoy the music for what it is instead of pointing fingers at who’s copying who?

    Besides, anyone who has listened to the full album of Born This Way would feel ridiculous declaring Gaga a brainless Madonna copycat. Listen to Electric Chapel, Government Hooker, Americano, Highway Unicorn, and Heavy Metal Lover. They sound nothing like any Madonna song I’ve ever heard.

    They’re both great artists. This feud does nothing but show both of their worst sides.

  • jean-sebastien

    Je pense a madonna
    Je taime beaucaup musique