Madonna Talks Lady Gaga & Kissing Nicki Minaj On ‘Good Morning America’

Madonna’s one-on-one with Cynthia McFadden kicked off last night on Nightline and continued today on Good Morning America. And if you thought ABC was holding back the juicy quips for part two — well, you were pretty much correct! Head below to watch Madge discuss (“dis” being the operative syllable there) Lady Gaga, her on-set kiss with Nicki Minaj and the fact that she’s never cooked a meal in her entire life.

Madonna interview on Good Morning America


On Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounding similar to “Express Yourself”: “It feels reductive… Look it up.” [Licks lips, holds tea cup to her mouth.]

On kissing Nicki Minaj: “No tongue. There was no tongue. Who said tongue?… She has lovely lips. I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her and then I kissed her on the mouth.”

On talking about the birds and the bees with her kids: “With my daughter, of course. My son, I don’t think he’s ready for that just yet. He’s 11. Give him another year.”

On whether her Sex book is banned at home: “It’s neither banned or — I’m sure it’s somewhere in a file. I don’t ban it.”

Her response to a fan question about the last meal she cooked entirely by herself: “I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself… I have a cook. My daughter likes to cook. My son likes to cook. My nannies cook. My housekeeper cooks. The drivers cook. Everybody cooks… No, but I do everything else! Do I have to do everything?”

Pure comedy. What has been your favorite part of Madonna’s interview so far? (Remember, it concludes tonight on 20/20.) And what do you think of her response to the Lady Gaga question? Let us know in the comments below!

  • John

    Give it up Madonna, Gaga is on the throne now! Yes, many people hate Gaga, but that won’t help you sell ur new record. It makes u look bitter and desperate. But i still have lot of love for you!

  • Sam

    Let’s see if Gaga lasts at least one decade! Madonna has been around for nearly 3! Sorry to disappoint you, Gaga cannot even be compared to Madonna!

  • aseifu

    wow madonna really???
    i didn’t think someone who is an “iconic” would stoop so low
    i also dont understand why every gaga video or madonna video there are always stupid fans bitching about whos better as if the two feed them and pay their bills

    get off this stupid argument and argue about something that actually matters

  • aseifu

    oops i meant “icon”

  • MusicLvr

    Madonna is Madonna. what did u expect her to say? no comment?!

  • MusicLvr

    but this video is not complete. the one one this page is

  • reductive hydrogeneas

    and they call themselves journalists? Where has that boring matron looked up the definition of “reductive” her kindle express dictionary? It’s really interesting te 4th aception of Reductive:

    4. a form of an original resulting from a reducing process, such as a copy on a smaller scale

    Do those morons really think this means nothing?

    • lorjon

      Good point! And “copy on a smaller scale” is most probably what Madonna meant. Also, it is even more to the point in what Gaga especially and others have attempted to do through the years. Gaga or any of these other singers out there today will be around in 25 years with the career Madonna has. And morons is right about most journalists — of course they just want to exaggerate and “make news”.

  • reductive hydrogeneas

    Oh, sorry I didn’t mention it. Thtats from Collins English Dictionary. And I meant the 4th meaning.

    reduction (rɪˈdʌkʃənPronunciation for reductionPronunciation for reduction)

    1. the act or process or an instance of reducing
    2. the state or condition of being reduced
    3. the amount by which something is reduced
    4. a form of an original resulting from a reducing process, such as a copy on a smaller scale
    5. a simplified form, such as an orchestral score arranged for piano
    6. mathematics
    a. the process of converting a fraction into its decimal form
    b. the process of dividing out the common factors in the numerator and denominator of a fraction; cancellation

  • Joanna

    Madonna is a pretentious loser. Lady gaga is more of a performer than she could ever be. She keeps it real….Madonna on the other hand is just a douche plain and simple. The super bowl is gonna suck, who the hell picked that washed up has been??

  • MJandMadonnaLover

    Gaga will NEVER claim the throne. She won’t even be princess (Britney already claimed that spot)!

  • MJandMadonnaLover

    Lol. Can you please grow a wider mind and learn to not take part in prejudice? Besides, if Madonna were washed up, then why did her Sticky & Sweet Tour (2009-09) become the HIGHEST GROSSING EVER for a solo artist?!

  • Bill

    People who champion Gaga over Madonna tend to be born in the 80s, know very little about music &/or have severely short attention spans. Madonna on the whole was quite gracious in relation to Gaga when she could quite justifiably have been scathing & dismissive.

  • Kelly

    Has anyone ever considered that Lady Gaga and Madonna sound similar because they work in the same genre of music? As a huge Little Monster AND lover of Madge, it’s easy to hear the differences in their songs. However, I could never tell the difference between, say, a Led Zepplin and Aerosmith song, because they use very similar techniques, styles, and instruments, and I don’t listen to their music very often. Pop music all sounds similar- If Gaga isn’t copying Madonna, then Ke$ha is copying Gaga, Katy Perry is copying Ke$ha, Rihanna is copying Katy Perry, blah blah blah. Can’t we just enjoy the music for what it is instead of pointing fingers at who’s copying who?

    Besides, anyone who has listened to the full album of Born This Way would feel ridiculous declaring Gaga a brainless Madonna copycat. Listen to Electric Chapel, Government Hooker, Americano, Highway Unicorn, and Heavy Metal Lover. They sound nothing like any Madonna song I’ve ever heard.

    They’re both great artists. This feud does nothing but show both of their worst sides.

  • Chris

    Lady Gaga is a Madonna wanna be. How long can you come up with a costume or a new gimmick for your music. Eventually it gets old. After that what has she got …nada.

    Copying, is it a form of flattery…or ripoff. Do your own thing and be original. Gaga..gags me.

  • chemosaaby

    I’m so tired of the Madonna vs Lady Gaga arguments. They’re both great performers people. Sigh. It’s apples & oranges.

  • Nez

    I thought Madonnas comment was very apropos and deserving. It’s obvious to anyone who has watched the two come up through the years (or decades) that Gaga favors the extreme performances, fasions, etc. that Madonna actually made acceptable and mainstream…but at the time they were CONTROVERSIAL and Madonna broke the mold on that, being extreme but still being a huge music icon who could break barriers and carry on. Can’t down the woman…she cleared the way for this generation to go nuts and shine and not be quite as controversial as she was. Gaga should thank her, actually. She can do whatever she wants and still maintain popularity because Madonna took the licks and bad press FOR her years ago. Nuff’ said.

  • LoveDance

    The only way to end this battle is to do that when Madonna published her single in February to will coincide with the new single of Gaga is voting for Gaga in your local and international radio stations and local and international charts (an example is Billboard) and make more successful than or equal that of Madonna’s single and will decide so everything about this war, is peaceful and objective way so let’s go! Little Monsters! PASS THE MESSAGE! AND MAKE IT TRENDING TOPIC!

  • YouKnowMe

    What’s the point of going back and forth between the two ladies – Madonna and Lady Gaga? Perhaps we should ask that they become a united front. I think it would be great to see them peform a song together. Can you imagine what the two of them could come up with? Trust me folks, there’s enough room in the pop culture world for both of them. Besides, all the hubub about it is only putting more money into their pockets. Isn’t that something both of the want? Think about it…

  • coco


  • coco

    ^^My comment was @ Nez.

  • Nickifan

    lol, it’s Madonna, what do people expect? By today’s standards she’s pretty tame.