Rihanna Nabs Flo Rida For Unnecessary “We Found Love” Remix

Being that Rihanna’s “We Found Love” has enough beats and synths to be its own remix, not to mention it couldn’t possibly be even more popular on the Hot 100 (the song has been #1 for nine non-consecutive weeks), we find it pointless to release a new version of the single with Flo Rida. And yet, here we are. The original should still do you just fine, but if you can’t bear to listen to a pop song nowadays without a rap added onto it somewhere (thanks, Katy), head below.

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris & Flo Rida – “We Found Love” (Remix)

Does this collab give you a “Good Feeling”, or will you be sticking to RiRi’s original for your aural pleasure?

  • RtA1913

    I stick with RiRi’s version but i don’t think this is official, like what would be the point? It’s not the first song Rihanna releases that gets remixed but it is not official plus I don’t see Rihanna asking Flo Rida for a contribution like he is a D-class rapper

  • LL2

    Florida did the remix, not Rihanna. But I guess Idolator could not pass on an opportunity to make Rihanna look bad. We get it, you are not a fan of her music and recent her success. Now move on. Rihanna is not going to stop being a successful artist because you don’t think she should be. One sign of maturity is being able to accept the fact that life doesn’t always go the way we think it should for ourselves or for others.

  • Seriously…

    Hit the nail right on the head. I find it hilarious to see this massive double standard that has always existed for female pop artists. Male singers/rappers aren’t even remotely criticized as much, they never get bad press about anything. Women love to hate on more beautiful successful women, and that’s who these trashy gossips sites appeal to I guess. So maybe it’s just desperate pandering and not really a double standard at all.

  • maria

    love your song!