Whatcha Say: Beyonce’s Baby & Madonna’s Lady Gaga Slams Had People Talking

This week — like you even need us to tell you — the talk of the town was all about Beyonce and the arrival of Blue Ivy, both in this world and on the Billboard charts. Meanwhile in pop land, Madonna made the press rounds and managed to make clear her feelings about Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera was pretty much forced to address her new curves. Check out what our readers had to say about these hot topics from the land of pop.

:: Anonymous clearly did not care if “Born This Way” sounded like “Express Yourself”: “I cannot believe this. Why don’t people just understand that there are those that just don’t care if the song is similar or not. ‘Born This Way’ IS the ‘Express Yourself’ of MY generation. I have never heard of that song, and quite frankly, I don’t care.”

:: g9 kindlydisagrees:”There really is no denying that ‘Born This Way’ is ‘Express Yourself’ slightly reworked. Madonna is asked about Gaga left and right, and the b!tch finally spoke the truth.”

:: Chris somewhat takes a neutral stance on whether he thinks Gaga copied Madonna: “I dont think it helps someone like GaGa at ALL, when she is filled with yes men. At the end of the day she IS an employee of Interscope and they could have stopped it to begin with. But they didn’t. But i guess that’s because labels only want the money.”

:: Though we were head over heels for Jay-Z’s song for his newborn daughter, J. wonders: “Whatever happened to celebrating in private?”

:: Jesse Perez congratulates the first-time parents and praises the song “Glory”: “The first time I heard any musician rap or sing about their child in a song. Congrats to them.”

:: D. Scott only has great words for Jay-Z’s hit song “Beautiful song.”

:: Christina Aguilera’s fluctuating weight has many people gossiping about her, including loltablesareturned: “Wow… amazing how the tables are turned on her. She was once talking c r a p about Kelly Osborne’s weight…. now she’s just as big as she was and wants to try and is now facing the same kind of scrutiny that she once delivered.”

:: rtA1913 decided to have the “Beautiful” singer’s back by telling off all the Xtina haters: “She’s right! many times we, the public, and even the press complain about artist just selling sex but we are the first who ask for it, cause immediately when an artist gains weight we start calling them fat and this and that, I mean they are not models, they do not sell their image, they sell their music their visuals, of course they use their image to do so, but it does not have to be the image of a skinny girl.”

:: Jackie also defends Aguilera’s curves (while simultaneously criticizing her style): “Look at Sofia Vergara, J Lo and Shakira! Its all about diet and exercise. Christina was stick thin & probably doesn’t want to be that again. She actually looks better, she just needs to DRESS better and not like she was at a size 4.”

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