Madonna And M.I.A. Hit The Studio To Record “Birthday Song”

This just in — the Queen of Pop is not going anywhere. After an all-too-quiet 2011, which saw most headlines about Madonna centering around her film W.E. (and hydrangeas), we have solid proof that the true blue songstress is back where she belongs — in the studio. As part of her much-buzzed-about interview with Nightline, her Madgesty gives us a peek inside the studio to glimpse a laugh-filled recording session with M.I.A. for “Birthday Song,” their second collaboration following lead single “Gimme All Your Luvin.” (In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’ll be performed at the Super Bowl, by the way). Head below for a hit of MDNA.

We love hearing the Material Girl claim: “It’s cool to be uncool.” Yeah, like she’d know?

  • marcin

    It sounds great :) I immediately heared that it is doing by Solveig.
    I can’t wait for MDNA!

  • Sean

    This isn’t Give Me All Your Luvin, it’s a song called Birthday Song

  • Juvi

    yeah like madonna would know how it is to be uncool, yeah right. why does she says things like that? she is an old woman and everyone who things she is still so awesome should recognise that we are in the 21st Century. HELLOOOOO

  • yasmin

    it is surpise for me to see madonna and M,I.A collarobating ,hopefully something good come out of this

  • phillipsfannyc

    You mean old as in not your age which I assume to be somewhere between 14 and 20? Two things I can guarantee you: #1 – When Madonna was your age, she had already accomplished more than you will for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, loser, and #2 – When you’re Madonna’s current age, you won’t look amazing like her – you’ll be old and fat and looking back on a life of very few accomplishments. Good luck.